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Athletics: Gibraltar hosts juniour event for the Campo and Gibraltar

More than 200 athletes took part in a recent athletics event, held for juniours from the Campo area in Gibraltar.

The competition, which was won by Gibraltar, was organised so that every winner accumulated points for their respective clubs.

Read the articlein Spanish below:

Gibraltar cita a los mejores atletas jóvenes de la comarca

Más de doscientos atletas se dieron cita el pasado domingo el Victoria Stadium

alejandro sánchez/gibraltar
El Victoria Stadium de Gibraltar acogió este pasado domingo una concentración de atletismo -bajo la denominación de Día del Atletismo- donde participaron todos los clubes de la comarca del Campo de Gibraltar.

Allí estuvieron el Gibraltar Athletics local, el Promoción Algeciras, Los Barrios, San Roque, Club Atletismo Linense, en total, más de dos cientos jóvenes corredores.

Se disputaron un total de nueve pruebas en las categorías alevín, infantil, cadete y juvenil, participando un atleta por disciplina.

Ganaron los locales
La competición tuvo como ganador al equipo local (los participantes sumaban en cada prueba puntos para sus respectivos conjuntos), seguido de los algecireños, Los Barrios, el CAL y San Roque.

Se espera que esta prueba se consolide con el paso del tiempo y sirva para unir a toda la comarca y así remar todos juntos en la misma dirección e intereses.


Click here: To read the results from April 10's Gibraltar Amateur Athletics Association 's (GAAA), youth winter track league.


  1. Simon Allen said...

    Currently living in Toronto, Canada
    saw Tommy Finlayson and Clive Clinton at ICC world cup qualifiers three years ago, and wodered how too find out more about Gibraltar sport, so your site is very welcome!!
    El Generakissimo chose to close the border on my 16th birthday a bit inconsiderate! and now I read about the Gibraltar Rugby Club, GABA and now CAAA participating in jkint cometitions with teaams from Campo and Amdalucia- this is awesome, sport is such a beautiful way to build contacts and understanding and friendship - and some of the names of the players and association officials - John Goncalves, Clive Clinton and then the sons, (not that old that they should be grandsons)of people that I played with for GCC, Joe Buzaglo et al - anyhow if any one can cast their minds back to the early 1960.s, I am Simon Allen, son of the late, great, Ralph Allen of Barclay's Bank - my word. sport in Gib has come a long way in the last 40 odd years, so my congratulations to all involved in these important initiatives to build linkages through competition

    my email,( please mo momsense stuff) is = I never made the NBA, or played above county levelrugby, but now I support my son who plats elite level rughy in Canada, and remain active in club administration

    I wlll be 60 in a couple of weeks, (we are all getting up ther)- heard a wonderful quote at a Neil Innes concert in Toronto on Wednesday "survived the 60's once and nowI have to do it all over again!"

    Neil of the Ruttles fame

    some conyemporaries in addition to thpse mentioned = Jimmy Blackshaw, the two Charles, Dellipiani and Montegriffo.the Flowers bros of GAAA and 1958 commonwealth Games fame, and the failing mind shuts down!!
    best wishes for your future success in sport and thanks for the site to keep track of the results and programs

    Simon Allen

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