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Football: Gibraltar manage a credible one all draw against "Republik" St Pauli

Gibraltar manage a credible 1 - 1 draw against "Republik" St Pauli.

The match, played last night at 18:00.CET, in Hamburg (Germany), was important for the Gibraltarian side as the local team, with its passionate crowd, surely had a home advantage that would put Gibraltar's players under great pressure. Another factor to consider is Gibraltar's relative inexperience in playing on a grass surface. Gibraltar's artificial surface, although very similar to the real thing is still something many Gibraltarian players have to get used too, especially the younger players who may have only played on real grass, on a handful of occasions.

The score however,is a great result for Gibraltar. The fact they have opened the scoring in the Wild Cup, will give them the encouragement to go for more goals and perhaps even bring home the trophy.

Gibraltar's next game is against Tibet. The game will be played tomorrow at 18:00 hours. Gibraltar must beat Tibet in order to stand a good chance of getting through to the semifinals.

Meanwhile in the other group, Northern Cyprus beat Greenland by the narrowest of margins, a 1 - 0 scoreline. This was perhaps one of the most hotly contested matches of the tournament as both teams are considered as likely contenders to win the tournament. Greenland however, now need to score a few goals in their next match and have a bit of luck on their side, in order to get through to the semis.

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Don't forget that for those of you with the German Channel, DSF, you will be able to watch the highlights at the following times:

Tonight at 19:15 and then:
Wednesday: 19:15 (highlights)
Thursday: 19:45 (LIVE semi-final)
Friday: 18:45 (highlights)
Saturday: 17:45 (LIVE Final)

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