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Darts: Gibraltar selection return from a very successful Med Cup, in France

Fantastic games played, however all but one of the men’s team did lose in the 1st game, a close 4-3 which was a true shame as they where cracking matches.
George Federico was the singles player of the moment and he also missed out losing in the semi-finals (Bronze medal), with a very good total average per dart thrown.

That afternoon saw a great comeback too in the pair’s event, where Justin Broton and Dylan Duo basically blasted there way through to the final, beating France, Italy and Cyprus. The final game was strongly fought against the Greek players but Gibraltar should be proud of reaching a well deserved stage final and obtaining a silver medal in the pairs event.

The Ladies did really well this year achieving an overall Bronze Medal. In the Team event they reached the final too, but the French girls were just too strong for them. Credit must still be awarded as they battled some stiff opponents especially the young Italian Ladies who always want to prove how good they are.

The Gibraltar selection obtained higher averages per dart than most of the other participating countries in all events including the best leg thrown in the whole event. Unfortunately the highest averages of scores do not win games, but it proves that Gibraltar is increasingly becoming a strong contender in any International event (watch this space, it will happen, it’s solely a question of money and time).

This is what the president of the Mediterranean Cup, Cyprus - Michael Savvides, had to say in the closing ceremony,

“The Med Cup has grown well and is continuing to create great friendships between Mediterranean Cup countries”.
The closing dinner gala had a few surprises installed for Justin Broton (pictured) too. The French Vice President, Jean-Claude Miguel, after presenting participating helpers and organisers with gifts (which must be said without them the competition is not possible), also presented Justin with a gift for having helped out during the initial phases of the event where Justin provided software, instructions and other material for the upcoming event in France. Furthermore as if one surprise was not enough, later on in the evening Justin got called up again by Jean-Claude, he made some encouraging comments and then produced a score sheet highlighting the best leg of the Med Cup (between Gibraltar - Justin Broton & France - Laurent Fagnone) and he continued in saying the following
“This proves the good quality of darts thrown this week and that the competition is growing and spreading to produce good darts from all participating countries making it an excellent event”.
These where very nice surprises for Justin and he appreciated the gestures made to him by Jean-Claude.

This year Gibraltar through the kindness of sponsors, WYSE Hire, managed to take an extra player and manager to attend the event. Solely due to this the medal tally speaks for itself. Gibraltar, even on finals day, given the right permutations of who lost against who, would have given the Men’s team the overall Gold. However that was not to be the case but we got pretty close. For this, gratitude has to be overwhelmingly given to Alan Kimberley for his managers and supporting role during the entirety of the event. Thanks Alan from the Team.

Alan and the selection wish to thank WYSE Hire (Sally Welch) for their sponsorship that enabled Alan to attend the Med Cup this year.

Click here: to view all the results from the competition.

Medal Winners
Dylan Duo, Justin Broton, George Federico, Francis Taylor, Alan Kimberley
Sue Parody, Erika Ward

Medal Tally
Overall Men: 4th Place (Francis Taylor, George Federico, Dylan Duo, Justin Broton).
Overall Ladies: Silver Medal (Erika Ward, Sue Parody)

Team Men: Bronze Medal (Francis Taylor, George Federico, Dylan Duo, Justin Broton).
Team Ladies: Silver Medal (Erika Ward, Sue Parody).

Team Pairs: Silver Medal (Justin Broton, Dylan Duo).

Mens Singles: Bronze Medal (George Federico).


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