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Football: Gibraltar's chances look good ahead of tonight's match against Tibet in the Wild Cup held in Germany

Gibraltar will tonight play against Tibet at 18:00. Tibet were last night beaten, convincingly by St Pauli who Gibraltar managed to hold to a one all draw (pictured). St Pauli's 7-0 win means that Tibet need to beat Gibraltar in order to get through to the next round. The likelyhood of the this happening is virtually nil as Gibraltar, by all accounts, had a greater control over the game against St Pauli than the socreline reflects. Gibraltar on the other hand only need to come away with a 0-0 scoreline in order to progress to the next round.

A win would be important for Gibraltar, especially if the margin is of 8 goals or more as this would then match Gibraltar up against Greenland, who lost by 1-0 against Northern Cyprus.
Northern Cyprus could now be considered as the tournament's firm favourites as they have also beaten Zanzibar, another strong team by 3-1.

Tonights challenge may therefore be quite an easy one in comparison to the opponents Gibraltar might have to face in the semis. That being, either Greenland, the pre-tournament favourites, or Northern Turkey, who have beaten Greenland, a daunting but managable a task for the Gibraltarians.

We wish the Gibraltar side the best of Gibraltarian luck in tonight's game!!!

Remember that you can watch the highlights on the German channel DSF.

Wednesday: 19:15 (highlights)
Thursday: 19:45 (LIVE semi-final)
Friday: 18:45 (highlights)
Saturday: 17:45 (LIVE Final)

Image: Gibraltar, red and white, against St Pauli.

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