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Basketball: GABBA receives £30,000 donation

The Trustees of The Bonita Trust have made a contribution of £30,000 to The Gibraltar Amateur Basketball Association.

The money is to be used in support of its international programme and the development of this important sport in Gibraltar.

The Bonita Trust was established in 2004 by PartyGaming Holdings Limited to enable its founders, Ruth Parasol, Russ DeLeon, Anurag Dikshit and Vikrant Bhargava to contribute to and benefit the communities where PartyGaming Plc and its people live and work.

Commenting on the donation, the President of the Association, John Gonçalves (pictured) said:- “GABBA is immensely grateful to The Bonita Trust for its more than generous contribution, which will go a long way towards further enhancing the development of basketball in Gibraltar.”

Source: Gibraltar Chronicle


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