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Swimming: Gibraltar Government takes over control of GASA's pool

The Government Press Office have announced today that the new Government Sport & Leisure Authority is taking over responsibility for the Gibraltar Amateur Swimming Association (GASA) swimming pool.

In a press statement today the Government said that “pursuant to the policy of concentrating all public sports and leisure’s resources in the Sport & Leisure Authority, the Government is assuming direct responsibility for the swimming pool currently known as the GASA pool”.

The Government is taking financial responsibility for the running costs of this facility, as a public sports facility. The statement said that both the existing and the new swimming pool will be operated together as Sport & Leisure Authority facilities.

The Authority is contracting the GASA to manage the pools on its behalf.

A Government spokesperson said:

“As part of this management contract GASA will have exclusive and free use of the pool during agreed sessions for its training, teaching, coaching and competition purposes. Commenting on this development.

The Sport & Leisure Minister Fabian Vinet commented:

“As a result of this change, use of both pools will be free of charge to all users, as is the case with all publicly owned sports facilities.

As a result, swim joggers, sportspersons, schools and any other citizen wishing to use the pool will no longer have to pay a fee to do so, as at present.

GASA will also be able to continue their excellent work in the promotion, development and advancement of swimming as a sport in Gibraltar, without the financial pressure and responsibility that they presently shoulder to make ends meet.

This decision by Government to assume financial responsibility for the pool as a public amenity will be very good news to citizens and schools alike. There is no reason why swimming should be the only sport where people have to pay to use facilities built at public expense.”


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