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Squash: Results from Gibraltar's Famous Grouse League Cup

Over the past two weeks the Gibraltar Squash Association has hosted the FAMOUS GROUSE LEAGUE CUP. Twelve teams entered in total and were drawn into three Groups of four teams each. The first round was played on a round robin basis with all teams playing their respective group rivals. The first three then qualified (together with the best qualified second place to play the semi-finals. See attached schedule for the tournament’s results.

The Famous Grouse Cup Final and Third/Fourth place match was played on Friday. The order of play was 3rd seeds played first then 1st seeds and finally the second seeds went on (so 1st seed match was important).

Third Fourth place

Toyota beat Baker Tilly in the match for third and fourth place, with the following scores (all matches were played to best of 5 games with three seeds playing per team – same format as the League):

Third seed played first: Jonathan Zammitt (Toyota) beat Ian Collinson (Baker Tilly) 3-0.

First seeds then went on: Nicholas De Haro (Toyota) beat Steve Shacaluga (Baker Tilly) 3-2.

Second Seeds then played: Dennis Clinton (Toyota) beat Charles Bottaro (Baker Tilly) 3-0.

In effect, Toyota won all matches and finished 3rd!


Aon attack got the better of ISIS:

As above, Third seed: Stephan Montegriffo (ISIS) lost to Gino De Haro (AON Attack) 3-0

First seed: Anthony Brindle (ISIS – Gib’s number 1) beat Martin Lawrence (Aon Attack) 3-0.

All evenly poised for final game, i.e. second seeds which was played by the two best under 17 players…….the score was:

Carl Gomez (ISIS) lost to Mark Tewkesbury (AON Attack) 3-0……in what turned out to be a very tight three games that all went to Mark.

On a different note, please note that the Gibtelecom Closed is being played this week and next week with the finals being played next Friday when trophies will also be presented!!

Results table: Famous Grouse League Cup

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3

Aon Attack 38 I.S.I.S. 45 Toyota 40

Bell'is 27 Los Bujos 0 Currency Centre 17

Mercedes Benz 23 Norwich & Peter 32 Baker Tilly Gibraltar 35

Automotive Ent 12 Eastgate 17 BMI 0

Moo 8th May Hrs

Court 1 19:00 Aon Attack v Bell'is
15 2
Court 3 19:00 I.S.I.S. v Los Bujos
15 0
Court 4 19:00 Toyota v Currency Centre
15 2
Tue 9th May Hrs

Court 1 19:00 Merc Benz v Automotive Enterprises
10 6
Court 3 19:00 Norwich & Peter v Eastgate
15 2
Court 4 19:00 Baker Tilly Gib v BMI
15 0
Wed 10th May

Court 1 19:00 I.S.I.S. v Norwich & Peterborough
15 2
Court 3 19:00 Toyota v Baker Tilly Gibraltar
10 5
Court 4 19:00 Aon Attack v Mercedes Benz
12 5
Thur 11th May Hrs

Court 1 19:00 Eastgate v Los Bujos
15 0
Court 3 19:00 BMI v Currency Centre
0 15
Court 4 19:00 Bell'is v Automotive Enterprises
15 0
Mon 15th May Hrs

Court 1 19:00 Toyota v BMI
15 0
Court 3 19:00 Aon Attack v Automotive Enterprises
11 6
Court 4 19:00 I.S.I.S. v Eastgate
15 0
Tue 16th May

Court 1 19:00 Currency Centre v Baker Tilly Gibraltar
0 15
Court 3 19:00 Bell'is v Mercedes Benz
10 8
Court 4 19:00 Los Bujos v Norwich & Peterborough
0 15

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