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100% ME Drugs Free Sport programme, launched

The Minister for Sport Fabian Vinet, has announced that the Gibraltar Sports and Leisure Authority Sports Development Unit will be launching in Gibraltar the 100% ME Drugs Free Sport programme in partnership with UK Sport. The launch will take place on Thursday 1st June 2006 at 6.30pm at the Bayside Sports Centre Lecture Rooms. Taking part in the event will be Miss Shelly Rudman, (pictured) 100% ME Ambassador and Winter Olympics 2006 Silver Medalist. UK Sport Drugs Free Sports Director of Education and Training Mrs Allison Holloway, will be giving a presentation of the scheme.

The event will include ample information on the scheme, sharing of personal experiences, the official presentation of the two Gibraltar 100% ME UK accredited tutors and of the first two local Ambassadors. Information on future related events and educational programmes will also be made available. A question and answer session will close the presentations after which a reception will be hosted by the Minister. Representatives of all local sports associations, the media, etc will be invited to attend.



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