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Junior Football: last games' results and final standings

The junior league, season has now come to a close. The success of the competition has been demonstrated in the large number of children taking part in the competitions, on a weeklybasis. This truly demonstartes the enthusiasm with which our younger footballers demonstrate to what is Gibraltar's most popular sport.

The success of the junior football league can also be attributed to certain members of the GFA, who have worked relentlessly, in organising all aspects related to the leagues.

Congratulations to the winners of the different age groups as well as to all the players who have taken part, throughout the season.

Winners of the under 7s were: Newcastle Black
Winners of the under 9s were: St Joseph's Bell Pharmacy
Winners of the under 11s were: St Joseph's Redwood
Winners of the under 13s were: Glacis Utd
Winners of the under 15s were: Gib Utd Cotton Leisure

Click here: to see the final league tables for Gibraltar's Junior Leagues

The following are the most recent results from the junoir football leagues.

14th May 2006

Combined Services Under 7s
2 v 1 Newcastle Red
Gib Utd Oseco 1 v 2 Rock Cosmos
Newcastle White 3 v 1 Glacis Utd
Gib Utd Form-a-co 2 v 0 Lions R&J
Lions Admiral Security 1 v 5 Newcastle Black
Man Utd Gib telecom 2 v 4 College Cosmos
Under 9

St Josephs S.O.R.T. 4 v 1 Man Utd Netgear
St Josephs Bell Pharmacy 5 v 1 Combined Services
Gib Utd Deloitte 2 v 0 Newcastle White
Group A Under 11

St Joseph's Wiltrans 1 v 5 Lions Angling Centre
Gib Utd Pascoe 6 v 9 College Cosmos
St Joseph's Redwood 2 v 2 Man Utd Garpon
Group B

Gib Utd IFC 3 v 1 Gib Utd Hire-U-Shop
Lions PCA 6 v 2 Newcastle White
Combined Services 6 v 9 Man Utd Marrache
Under 13

Gib Utd Portman
St Josephs Haymills
Man Utd MBS 8 v 1 Chelsea Java oil
Glacis Utd 3 v 0 Glacis Athletic
Under 15

Gib Utd PCA 3 v 0 Gib Utd Cotter Leis
Man Utd Gibtelecom 2 v 2 St Joseph's Cine bank
Glacis Utd 15 v 0 Chelsea F.C

Other footballing news:
Gibraltar will be taking part in the Strait Games, being held in Ceuta, between the 2-4 June. Gibraltar's footballers will be participating in the 7 a side and 5 a side competitions.

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