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Football: Gibraltar will play in Wild Cup in Germany 2006

It's official. Gibraltar will be competing not against the might of Brazil, Argentina, Spain, England, or even Germany. They will in fact be playing in the Wild Cup in Hamburg Germany, against the might of Zanzibar, Greenland and Tibet. All these nations have, like Gibraltar, also been excluded from participating in World Cup qualifiers, due to political reasons.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the Gibraltar Football Association (GFA) to further their aspirations of becoming a FIFA member. The exposure of this event will surely get catch the attention of a large audience, especially as Germany will be inundated with camera crews covering the 2006 World Cup.

Gibraltar will be playing in the group stage against Tibet and another team, which has as yet not been named. Greenland, however have been pipped to be the winners of the competition, despite not even having an artifical grass pitch as Gibraltar has, which meets FIFA's criteria.
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Tickets for the May 29 to June 3 tournament featuring Greenland, Gibraltar, Tibet, Zanzibar and Hamburg's own FC St. Pauli -- often in a class of its own when it comes to fervent supporters -- will be on sale at the gate without fans having to give up any of the personal information or processing fees FIFA demands. (Deutche Welle)

The final will be played on June 3 and screened live on German television channel DSF with between 5,000 and 15,000 sepctators expected to attend matches at the tournament.

Now you can fly to Germany with Germanwings, for next to nothing, direct from either Malaga or Jerez to Stuttgart and Cologne. So why not click here and get yourself a cheap flight to either support Gibraltar or to book your flights for the World Cup.

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