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Fishing: Anglers land some great catches in 6th outing

The Mediterranean Shore Angling Club held its sixth outing of the 2006 season at the Detached Mole on Sunday 21 May. A total of thirty-six anglers took part in the competition on a calm, sunny day of light westerly winds. 353 fish were brought to the scales - the second highest catch of the year so far and the highest at the Detached Mole.

Once more, Two-Banded Bream were plentiful with 56 successfully landed and presented at the weigh-in representing the highest number caught of this species so far this year. The total number of fish landed this season now stands at 1,866 compared with 962 at the same point in 2005. 11 Common Sea Bream were also caught as well as 34 Atlantic Mackerel, heralding the imminence of the summer months. In addition, Trigger Fish seem to be making a welcome reappearance with 5 large specimens captured on the day.

The Heaviest Fish award was won by Nicky Celecia with a 1.350 kg Trigger Fish. 2 more Trigger Fish weighing more than 1kg, one landed by Euan Couper and the other by M. Benhakim, were also brought to the scales. Other notable catches were a 1.140 Gilthead Bream by Albert Gonzalez and a Sheepshead Bream which weighed-in at 1.010 and was caught by Paul Milan. Brian Garcia established the heaviest White Bream of the season so far with a specimen fish of 0.890 kg.

There were three trophies for the heaviest points aggregates of the day. True to form, Arthur Asquez and Lawrence Sisarello took the first two positions. Arthur managed a total points tally of 488 with a catch that included 2 Common Sea Bream, 5 White Bream and 10 Two-Banded Bream among his total of 30 fish. Lawrence also managed 2 Common Sea Bream and 1 Pandora Bream among his total catch of 18 fish that secured him 315 aggregate points. 3rd position went to Terry Deeley with 285 points and a bag that also included 2 Common Sea Bream and 2 White Bream. Congratulations to all three anglers for their excellent catches.

Medsea Tackle Trading League 2006

1. A. Asquez - 2,311
2. L. Sisarello - 2,286
3. M. Asquez - 1,469
4. T. Deeley - 1,114
5. A. Gonzalez - 1,048
6. R. Chichon - 989
7. M. Vella - 947
8. M. Hernandez - 888
9. J. Asquez - 883
10. W. Alecio - 817
11. K. Fortunato - 791
12. A. Lopez - 774
13. H. ViƱales - 750
14. C. Asquez - 745
15. J. Tilbury - 703

Medsea Tackle Trading, Heaviest Fish of the Season


Heaviest Fish

M. Tierney

Pandora Bream

1.730 kg


Heaviest Fish

L. Sisarello

Gilthead Bream

1.520 kg


Heaviest Fish

M. Martinez

Gilthead Bream

1.430 kg

Medsea Tackle Trading, Heaviest Fish Species of the Season

Black Bream. A. Gonzalez - 0.690 kg
Common Sea Bream. A. Asquez - 1.410 kg
Conger - -
Gilthead Bream. L. Sisarello - 1.520 kg
Grey Mullet. C. Asquez - 1.250 kg
Pandora Bream. M. Tierney - 1.730 kg
Saddle Bream. C. Asquez - 0.340 kg
Scorpion Fish. E. Couper - 0.560 kg
Sea Bass. R. Galliano - 0.410 kg
Two-Banded Bream. L. Sisarello - 0.610 kg
White Bream. B. Garcia - 0.890 kg
Wrasse. R. Chichon - 0.750 kg


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