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Football: GFA prepare for Wild Cup with a convincing victory against Yeading

Monday's defeat left the GFA trailing in the mini tournament, with second place only possible if they had beaten Yeading last night.

With the local side having lost 2-0 against San Roque, and Yeading drawing 0-0 against the Spanish side on Tuesday, the GFA had everything to play for.

It certainly was a tense match, in which one of the visiting team's coaching staff was thrown of the pitch by the referee, and several confrontations ensued throughout the game. Back on the pitch Gibraltar's fast midfield play won the day. A goal in each half, gave the GFA a 2-0 victory. Yeading returning home without scoring a goal throughout the tournament. (Source

This victory will certainly provide the GFA side with the confidence boost necessary to battle for the prestigious prize, that being the opportunity to win the Wild Cup, in Germany 2006.

We wish the Gibraltar team the best of Gibraltarian luck as they prepare for their first encounter of the tournament, which will be against Republik St Pauli (German team, not a republic as name suggests) on the 29th May.
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