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Tenpin Bowling: Spain withdrew team due to Gibraltarian participation

A Spanish team withdrew from a Ten Pin Bowling competition in which Gibraltar was participating. The Opposition have condemned the Spanish Government for continuing to mix sports and politics in an attempt to advance their sovereignty claim over Gibraltar.

In a statement issued today the Opposition state that the fact that Spain withdrew from a recent international ten pin bowling tournament in Luxembourg because of Gibraltar’s participation shows that Madrid’s policy against Gibraltar has not changed. This is not the first time that Spain has withdrawn from a tournament for this reason.

It will be recalled that the Consejo Superior de Deportes issued an edict many years ago to all Spanish sporting federations regarding the participation of Gibraltar in sporting events. This has led to the frequent objection by the relevant Spanish sporting body to the membership of Gibraltar of an international sporting association.

There have also been many instances of the Spanish team withdrawing from a tournament when Gibraltar has managed to join an international body and elected to participate in an event.
In the past there have been problems created by Spain, for political reasons, with sports like athletics, badminton and hockey, to which Gibraltar belongs as a territory in its own right, independently of the United Kingdom. There are also others.

The more high profile cases are the continuing inability of Gibraltar to join UEFA, and the International Olympic movement both of these because of pressure from Spain. Indeed, it is well known that the International Olympic Committee has changed its own rules with the effect of excluding Gibraltar.

The latest news that the Spanish tenpin bowling team withdrew from an international event because of the participation of Gibraltar therefore follows a long line of incidents where Gibraltar’s sportsmen and women have had to put up with unsporting behaviour from Spain. It is very fitting in this respect that one of Gibraltar’s participants was awarded a fair play trophy in Luxembourg.


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    1. Anonymous said...

      Why can't they leave politics out of it?

    2. Anonymous said...

      Why can't they leave politics out of it?

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