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Sports and Leisure facilities now responsibility of Gibraltar Sports and Leisure Authority

The Government is in the process of concentrating all publicly owned and funded Sports and Leisure resources, assets and facilities into the newly established Gibraltar Sports and Leisure Authority.

A spokesperson for the Government today said "In this connection responsibility for all Children’s Playgrounds has been transferred to the Sports and Leisure Authority.

"A new children’s play area will, later this week, be opened at Moorish Castle Estate. The Sports & Leisure Authority is now engaged in an exercise to conduct a condition survey of all Children’s play areas with a view to refurbishing and reequipping them in accordance with modern safety principles and fun equipment and also to ensure that they provide for children of a variety of ages. The Authority is also conducting a survey throughout Gibraltar to identify areas which are not served, or are badly served by a children’s play area, with a view to providing such facilities at new locations."

Commenting, Minister for Sports & Leisure, Fabian Vinet said: - “This playgrounds initiative is a part of the Government’s overall leisure strategy, which will soon see completion of the Bayside Sports Complex, the formal launch of the Leisure Centre project, the establishment of new, urban green areas and other leisure and recreational facilities.”


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