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Snooker/Billiards/Pool : GBSA Team League: Week 5

The League table changes once more, with the leaders, winning four one again, St Bernard’s taking maximum points off the Astoria Too, the Cue Ball taking maximum points off a shortened GSP and the Astoria A winning against a depleted Team Queensway.

On Zoca flank, in the St Bernard’s Social Club, the St Bernard’s Heineken team took the six points off Astoria Too when Les Moore beat Antonio Cavilla 69-18 and Adrian Wink beat Dougie Cooper, the Astoria’s star man, 56-49 in a very close frame. Andrew Olivero was voted the saint’s man-of-the-match beating Darryl Cavilla 66-6 and Mukesh Bakhru beat ‘Titch’ Olivero 58-28. The last point was secured by Harry Ward beating Dave Smith 56-22. A very welcome six points for the saints.

The Astoria A team welcomed Team Queensway to Flat Bastion road and beat them 3 frames to 2.The evening got off to an electric start when Kevin Dobson just missed a winning black only to watch Adrian Navarro sink it and win the frame 62-49. The tables were turned next frame when Elio Monteverde potted the blue, pink and black to level the scores; only to see Merv Padmore pot the re-spotted black and level the match, winning the frame 63-56. Skipper Eddie Newton fought back gamely taking the blue and pink and then missing a relatively simple black which Alaine Navarro potted to win 46-40 to restore the lead at two frames to one and become his team’s man-of-the-match. Tom Rooney took on Alaine Gatt and despite a gallant effort from Alaine Tom came away winner 76-40 and Team Queensway’s star man. However the deciding frame was not played with Errol Bolaños getting a walk-over. Astoria A took the four points.

Down on Devils Tower Road, in the Cue Ball Entertainment Centre, beat the Med Rowing Club four frames to one.Yewhung Chin beat Henry Vinet and Francis Becerra, the entertainer’s man-of-the-match, beat Peter Buttigieg junior. Laurence Sisarello beat Wilfred Smart and Charlie Lara was beaten by the Med’s star man, Nicky Gonzalez. In the clash of the captains Sean Galligan beat Peter Valarino. There is no score sheet available.

In Rooke on Queensway the Gibraltar Service Police lost five nil to the Cue Ball.Alfred Becerra, the police star man, lost 34-62 to Dylan Alvez and Frank Perez lost to Ernest Clinton 22-57. Dylan Ballester lost 27-56 to Chris Shimidzu and Brian Etherington lost to Ian McIntosh, 7-60, the Cue Ball’s man-of-the-match – welcome back Ian!The GSP’s fifth man didn’t arrive so Paul Herd had a walk over. A maximum Six points to the Cue Ball.

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    Sailing: 14 year saling towards record of being youngest person to cross the Atlantic, single-handed

    Michael Perham, just 14 years old, has set out to become the youngest person to sail the Atlantic single-handed.

    Aiming to beat Seb Clover's record, Perham set sail from Gibraltar on Saturday in Cheeky Monkey, a Tide 28 trailer-sailor developed by his father with Cowes boat builder Nigel Harley. Michael's father, Peter Perham will be accompanying his son in a second Tide 28.

    The voyage is 3,500 miles to Antigua in the Caribbean and Michael hopes to complete the passage in four weeks. Cheeky Monkey's progress can be monitored via his web site (link below) with tracking provided by OC Tracker.

    Reporting from his boat on Saturday Michael said: "We left Gibraltar at 1pm in the afternoon, we were going to leave a bit earlier but waited for the wind to pick up. We then waited for a short while out of the bay and into the straits where we picked up a steady force 3, which is taking us down the straits and then we will turn left and follow the African coast. We are so excited and my dad is so proud of me and I'm fulfilling my lifetime ambition!"

    Follow Mike's progress, through his daily diary.

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    Swimming: European President to visit Gibraltar

    Mr Bartolo Consolo, President of LEN (Lique Europeene de Natation) will be paying his first visit to Gibraltar next Friday 1st December to participate in the Gibraltar Amateur Swimming Association's 60th Anniversary celebrations.

    Also attending is Mr Nory Kruchten, Treasurer of LEN, who will be visiting the Rock for the second time, having previously been in Gibraltar when the LEN Swimming Committee held a meeting here in 1994.

    GASA President Becky Fortunato is looking forward to welcoming them both and said that it was a great priviledge that Mr Consolo and Mr. Krutchen had accepted GASA's invitation to attend their Gala dinner, which is to be held on Friday 1st December at the Caleta Hotel.

    "It certainly proves that we have the support from the very top in the world of swimming", she said.

    The Gala Dinner will also be attended by the Minister for Sport, the Hon. Fabian Vinet. Amongst the other guests attending will be several of GASA's sponsors, both existing and past Members, and the National Senior Squad Swimmers.

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    Football: Ireland bid for more nations at Euro finals

    Gibraltar could find it easier, if accepted into UEFA, to qualify for the European Championships.

    Efforts are being made by a number of countries to increase the European Championship final qualifiers to three instead of two in each group.

    Irish FA president Jim Boyce revealed that under UEFA's top executive programme, groups of six countries have been having talks on the current format of the European Championship.

    He said: "There are now 53 associations affiliated which shortly could be increased to 54 and there is also an application pending from Gibraltar for admission.

    "It has become more difficult for middle-size or small countries to qualify for the finals.

    "So, the six in our group are putting to the congress and the UEFA executive committee a proposal that the number of participants in the final be 24 with the top three in each group qualifying. There is strong overall support for this."

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    Football: UEFA President responds to Gibraltar's petition

    Dear Mr Robert J Azopardi,

    I carefully studied your e-mail concerning Gibraltar and their demand to be accepted by UEFA.
    I will see to it that your e-mail is read by all the members of the UEFA Executive Committee before any decision is being taken.

    Kind regards

    Lennart Johansson
    UEFA President

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    Football: Gibraltar's petition has been sent to UEFA's Executive Committee members.

    The Support the Gibraltar Football Association's fight to join UEFA Petition to UEFA 's Executive Committee has been sent.

    The petition has been sent to all the Executive Committe members, individually as well as to the Executive Committee's e-mail address.

    You will still be able to continue adding signatures to the petition as this will close on the 7th of December.

    Please place any comments with regards to the letter or petition in our forum.

    Dear Sirs

    I am writing to you with regards to Gibraltar’s UEFA application, which is being decided on by UEFA's Executive Committee, between the 7th-8th December.

    As you are fully aware, the decision on Gibraltar’s membership is at hand. A petition to fight for Gibraltar’s right to UEFA membership has been compiled with over 1,200 signatures. I have enclosed a link to the petition and would appreciate your time to review and acknowledge our passionate plea.

    Gibraltarians as well as many people from around the world have been very vocal in their discontent towards Spain’s persistent bullying tactics when blocking Gibraltar’s rightful place within the UEFA family. The message from the signatories, including many Spaniards, clearly states that the mixing of politics and sport is unacceptable.

    The creation of an online petition has originated from the dismay at UEFA’s reluctance to accept Gibraltar despite the CAS ruling. This ruling clearly states Gibraltar’s right of membership within UEFA, irrespective of any territorial claim. We feel that UEFA’s slogan of “Fair Play” has not been adhered to and that the politics Spain continually brings to the Executive Committee’s decisions should no longer be tolerated.

    We have placed an application for UEFA membership in the genuine interests of our footballers and fans. The response has left us feeling not only as second rate footballers but also as European outcasts. We the signatories of the petition therefore urge you to adhere to the CAS ruling and accept Gibraltar forthwith. The people of Gibraltar should no longer be the only people of Europe to be excluded from European football. The youth of Gibraltar deserve the right to have the opportunity to progress their football ambitions no matter how small the nation.

    It is now your opportunity to read through our signatories’ comments and grasp our desire for Gibraltar to be granted its right to UEFA membership. Please open your arms and welcome Gibraltar’s footballers into the UEFA family. In the words of UEFA’s Vice President, Mr Villar, “football should be a source of both unity and solidarity.” Surely, these principals of unity and solidarity should be applied equally to Gibraltar as well as other UEFA member countries.

    We therefore await and appreciate your careful consideration and subsequent inclusion of Gibraltar into UEFA.

    Yours sincerely

    The undersigned:

    Click here to view the undersigned

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    Cycling/Triathlon: Gibraltar cyclists compete in H.S.A. Island Games Trials

    On Sunday 12th November the Gibraltar Cycling Association held the first of many H.S.A. Time Trials for cyclists wanting to try and qualify for Rhodes in 2007. (Click here to enlarge image)

    Since the establishment last year of a new committee and with the financial support of H.S.A. competitive cycling has continued to go from strength to strength and as the numbers of cyclists in this Time Trial show there is already a lot of competition for the 5 male places available on the team.

    The route was the normal 40km Time Trial on the road to Jimena and a few of the competitors from the Triathlon Association also took part and completed a 10km run after the 40km cycle.

    The weather on the day was very cold, with some strong headwinds along the
    outbound sections and the three Commonwealth Games Cyclists (view 2006 results) who are still maintaining some very good form filled the leading places. Other notable performances came from Tim Garcia, Stephanie Mor and Gabriella Ramagge, which is very pleasing as the Association is very keen to develop younger cyclists for the future. There were unfortunately three non finishers due to punctures on the day and the three affected riders will be looking to establish themselves as possible team members at the next event.

    1. Chris Walker 57m 47secs
    2. Julian Bellido 58m 00secs
    3. Sigurd Haveland 58m 48secs
    4. Steffan Sanchez 62m 03secs
    5. John Vinales 64m 16secs
    6. Tim Garcia 71m 51secs
    7. Christine Haveland 79m 03secs
    Manuel Gonzalez, Paul Llambias and Blake Torres were all non finishers.

    Stephanie Mor completed 30km in 60m 18secs and Gabriella Rammage completed 20km in 43m 10secs and Chris Walker, Tim Garcia and Christine Haveland all completed the 10km run with creditable times.

    The next H.S.A. Cycling event on 4th December will see all the cyclists Time Trial 20km up Pena Blanca near Estepona.

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    Football: UEFA Executive prepare for final decision on Gibraltar's application

    The UEFA Executive Committee holds its final meeting of a hectic year at the House of European Football in Nyon, Switzerland on 7/8 December.

    Variety of topics
    UEFA's supreme executive body will deal with a variety of topics affecting European club and national-team football, including an application by the Gibraltar FA for provisional UEFA membership. A decision on the matter was postponed at the last Executive Committee meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia in October following the submission of fresh information.

    Club issues
    Club football is also on the agenda. The UEFA club competition access list for the 2007/08 season will be examined, together with requests by the associations of San Marino and Andorra for one place in the UEFA Champions League. Terms of reference for the new European Professional Football Strategy Forum promoting and developing dialogue on the European club game will also be discussed.

    Tender process
    In addition, the Executive Committee will hear the outcome of the tender process for ex-Europe television rights to UEFA EURO 2008™ in Austria and Switzerland in two summers' time, and will approve the regulations of the 2007 Meridian Cup which promotes footballing co-operation between Europe and Africa under the auspices of UEFA and its African sister confederation, the Confédération Africaine de Football (CAF).

    Press conference
    The meeting is scheduled to end at 12.00CET on Friday 8 December. A press conference will be held immediately after the end of the meeting at approximately 12.15CET at UEFA headquarters. Members of the media interested in attending the press conference are requested to inform UEFA Media Services via email to before midday on Tuesday 5 December.

    Next meeting in Dusseldorf
    The next meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee is scheduled to be held in Dusseldorf, Germany on 24 January 2007, the day prior to the XXXI Ordinary UEFA Congress which takes place on 25/26 January 2007.

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    Football: Dr Joe Garcia airs his views on the GFA's, UEFA application

    The Leader of the Liberal Party Dr Joseph Garcia has described Spain's approach to Gibraltar's UEFA bid as disgraceful. He has accused the Spanish Government of mixing politics and sport and behaving in a totally unacceptable manner. The Liberal Leader says that the latest information he has received from contacts in Europe is that the Spanish Football Federation now claims that Gibraltar's sporting facilities are on disputed land.

    These comments by Dr Garcia were made in a briefing paper sent to Liberal contacts internationally, although mainly centred in Europe. The briefing paper has come about as a result of interest expressed on this issue on the part of individual delegates at the recent Liberal International Congress, which took place in Morocco.

    In the paper, Dr Garcia has traced the history of the issue. He explained how the Gibraltar Football Association, applied to join FIFA in January 1997. In March 1999 FIFA confirmed that the application was in order and passed the file to UEFA. The following month Gibraltar applied to join UEFA. He recalled how the Spanish Government issued a decree to all its sporting federations to oppose any application by an association from Gibraltar to any international sporting association.

    Following the application from Gibraltar and under pressure from the Spanish FA, UEFA changed its rules so that only sovereign countries recognised by the United Nations could be members. The Gibraltar Football Association took the matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland two times. In July 2006, most recently, the court instructed UEFA to admit the Gibraltar Football Association as a provisional member at its next Executive meeting.

    In October this year, the UEFA Executive ignored the court ruling and did not admit Gibraltar on the basis of new evidence submitted by Spain. It has since emerged from contacts in Europe, and following press reports in Spain and Gibraltar, that this so-called new evidence is Madrid's claim that Gibraltar's sporting facilities, namely the Victoria Stadium, is built on disputed land on the isthmus that links Gibraltar to Spain.

    "This is something that we reject," Dr Garcia has explained. "However, it is clear that Spain will go to any lengths to exclude Gibraltar and that when one of their arguments are defeated, they simply move on to the next one."

    The Liberal Leader has said that it is important to inform politicians outside Gibraltar of this problem, as you never know when someone might be in a position to help. "It is totally unacceptable to us in Gibraltar that our footballers should be deprived of the benefits and of the ability to improve themselves that UEFA membership would bring," Dr Garcia has told his Liberal contacts.

    "There are examples of small European territories like the Faroe Islands, San Marino and Monaco all of which belong to UEFA. Gibraltar must be allowed to join them", he added.

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    Strait Games: First official meeting of 2007 Games held

    The first Official Meeting of the 10TH Strait’s Games 2007 was held at the Bayside Sports Centre at 11.00am today.

    The Minister for Sport Fabian Vinet chaired the proceedings which was attended by the Counsellors and Heads of Sports of the other participants, Algeciras, Ceuta, La Linea, San Roque, Los Barrios and Tarifa.

    The Strait’s Games are projected to take place on Friday and Saturday 1st and 2nd June 2007 and will include in the region of twenty different sports.

    Technical meetings will follow this first Official Meeting in order to finalise details of the rules of all the sports, venues, opening and closing ceremonies etc.

    Strait Games Gibraltar 2000 results table.

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    Snooker/Billiards/Pool: The St Bernard’s ‘Famous Grouse’ Open Snooker Tournament 2006

    First Round
    After two weeks play we reach the end of the first round of the Famous Grouse Open snooker tournament. Games have gone more or less to form.

    On the first Monday evening Peter de la Rosa beat Adrian Wink by 2 frames to 1 and Guy Olivero beat Tyrone Olivero two frames to nil. Next day on the Tuesday Tom Rooney had a walk over and Yewhung Chin beat Gareth Cano by two nil. Thursday night saw Andrew Olivero winning two nil against Kevin Dali and Peter Valarino beating Fernando Monteverde two frames to one. On the Friday night Mukesh Bakhru beat Henry Vinet two nil.

    The second week also went to form with Les Moore beating Kevin Dobson two nil, on Monday, and Chris Shimidzu winning two to one against Adrian Holmes on the Wednesday.

    On Tuesday Sean Galligan (pictured right) beat Laurence Sisarello two to one after a very shaky start. Thursday night Eddie Newton came through two nil against Titch Olivero and Antonio Cavilla beat Merv Padmore, also two to nil. Francis Becerra beat Aaron Lima two nil, earlier in the week.

    The second round will be played next week, starting on Monday 20th at 6.30 pm.
    Only two games were postponed – because players were in Ireland at the pool championships.

    Second Round.
    On Monday 20th at 6.30 Peter de la Rosa plays Guy Olivero and at 8.30 Tom Rooney takes on Yewhung Chin.

    Tuesday 21st at 6.30 Andrew Olivero is up against Peter Valarino and at 8.30 Mukesh Bakhru is waiting for Julian McGrail or Nicky Gonzalez.

    On Thursday 23rd at 6.30 Les (pictured left) Moore takes on Chris Shimidzu in the game of the week. At 8.30 Julian Collado or Nicky Correa takes on Sean Galligan.

    On Friday at 6.30 Eddie Newton is against Antonio Cavilla and at 9.00 Harry Ward plays Francis Becerra.

    There will be no play at the tables or service at the bar from 8.00 until 9.00. The Club will be holding its annual memorial mass for departed members, in the lounge.

    All players are reminded that while the organisers will attempt to contact each player with details and reminders it is the responsibility of each and every player to know when and who they are playing.

    Postponements will only be considered at the request of both players. Any further information from Eddie Newton or St Bernard’s Social Club 78818.

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    Tenpin Bowling: Uni-flo cup & plate a resounding success

    The GTBA recently held the annual Uni-Flo Cup & Plate competitions for teams, on a knock out basis, best pinfall over three games. On the night of the finals, Lightning Strikes beat Bowlten Wanderers in the Cup final.

    This was Lightning Strikes 3rd consecutive win & will therefore keep the trophy. Teams will play for a new cup next year.

    Ibex Raiders (sponsored by Ibex Insurance) beat Aquagib (sponsored by Aquagib) in the plate final.

    Our thanks go to the sponsor, Uni-Flo Services Ltd, for their support.

    We will soon publish an article on the AMF World Cup that took place in Venezuela.

    Visit the GTBA website, to view the results of all the prelimenary matches played.

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    Rugby: Gibraltar squeeze past Marbella RC

    Gibraltar's rugby club managed to squeeze past Marbella Rugby club this weekend by a narrow 13-10 .

    This is on the back of a defeat against a very strong team from Puerto De Santa Maria (Portuense). The division, II Regional A , is certainly a harder prospect than any of the other II divisions. Marbella alone were fighting for promotion in last year's Primera Regional until they were diqualified and subsequently, demoted .

    This victory against a very strong side and the reality of a tight division, will certainly give Campo Gibraltar the confidence boost they need for the rest of the season.

    Click here to view the other results from the diviosn along with the league table.

    The ‘Peninsula Petroleum’ 15, Gibraltar’s Rugby team, won their 2nd fixture in the Andalucian 2nd Division on Sunday 19th November. John Smiths Gibraltar beat Marbella 13-10 in what was a hard fought, scrappy performance. From the kick-off the Gibraltar’s pack dominated set-piece and the break-down with some great work from hooker Chris Lugianni and open-side Barry Imms winning ball in the loose. Gibraltar’s game plan was to be the first on the score-board and after 15 minutes of dogged tackling and constant pressure, Gibraltar came away with 5 points after Marbella conceded a penalty. Gibraltar took advantage of the penalty and instead of opting for the 3 points put a kick into touch. Number 8 Chad Thomson took a clean catch at the lineout and set up for a driving maul. It was a great pack effort driving Marbella 10 meters to their goal line, Nick Cruz dived between the feet of the Marbella pack to register his first try of the season.

    After Marbella’s restart Gibraltar carried on marching deep into opposition territory. It was now the backs turn to show off with Paul Howard making his return at inside centre and Phillip ‘Taff’ Parsell at outside centre, interchanging to put fullback Chris Gilligham through a gap to gain some important yards. A constant supply of possession from the Pack and James Russo at scrum-half allowed man of the match Ross Eatwell to orchestrate proceedings from fly-half.

    Unfortunately, an injury to scrum-half James Russo led to his substitution, debutant replacement Jamie Cook jumped straight into action. With great use of the ball and some faint handling Julian Leigh popped over in the corner to put Gibraltar 10-0 ahead with 10 minutes to go in the first half.

    Gibraltar continued to suffer from white line fever whilst camped on the opposition line and failed to turn territory and possession into further points. However, ill discipline from the Gibraltar pack led to Marbella making their way into the Gibraltar 22 for the first time in the game. Marbella took 3 points from another penalty bang in front of the posts. Half - time 10-3 to John Smiths Gibraltar Rugby Club sponsored by Peninsula Petroleum.

    The second half started as the first half had with the Gibraltar team steam-rolling up the field with powerful runs from 2nd rows Rob Uphill and Wayne ‘Train’ Tunbridge. Aggressive scrummaging from props Nick Ramagge and Mark Cooper forced Marbella to concede another penalty. Chris Gillingham converted to add a further 3 points around the 50 minute mark.

    Marbella refused to lie down, putting Gibraltar under constant pressure from the restart. It would seem that members of the Gibraltar pack thought the game was in the bag and flickers of tactical naivety from the backs helped Marbella back into the game showing Gibraltar why they had won the last fixture the previous season. The biggest downfall of the Gibraltar team was their continued indiscipline. Penalty after penalty was conceded and at one stage were marched 30 meters back up the pitch for indiscipline. It was only a matter of time before Marbella registered their first try of the game after being unluckily disallowed one in the corner and it came with about 10 minutes left to play, the try was converted and the scores were 13-10.

    Alarm bells started to ring and some much needed urgency was needed. John Dibb, making his long awaited return from injury, dragged the Gibraltar team back into the Marbella half where Gibraltar remained camped until the final whistle. Good performances from Winger Thomas de Corbier and Nick Ramagge who led the scrums need to be mentioned.

    We would like to thank our main sponsors Peninsula Petroleum and our ever loyal John Smith for their constant sponsorship. In addition I would like to thank Flaherty’s Irish Bar of Sotogrande and our rugby ball Taylor Woodrow.

    Gibraltar rugby team that played against Marbella: Nick Ramagge, Chris Lugnani, Mark Cooper, Wayne Tunbridge, Rob Uphill, Nick Cruz, Barry Imms, Chad Thomson, James Russo, Ross Eatwell, Paul Howard, Phillip Parsell, Thomas De Corbier, Julian Leigh, Chris Gillighan, John Dibb, James Cook, Alan Esler, Peter Lugnani, Albert Loddo, Owain Richards.

    Gibraltar’s next match will be at Guadiaro on December the 2nd in a local derby match against San Roque Rugby Club. Support is very much welcome. For more information on Gibraltar Rugby please contact James Russo at

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    Football: GFA results from all divisions and other news

    League Cup:
    The Junior League Cup draw will be held on the 2nd December at 12pm at the Victoria Stadium board room.All are welcome to attend.

    Lightning Tournament:
    Junior Lightning Tournament on the 28th December, clubs interested should contact GFA offices or Richard Manning at 58654000 for details by the 25th November.

    Below are the results and league standings for the three Gibraltarian divisions.

    1st Division Results League Standings

    2nd Division Results
    League standings

    3rd Division Reults League standings

    Ladies football:

    The Juan Chipol 5-Aside tournament was held on the 28th and 29th October 2006.

    Team Points Goals
    Manchester United 16 18
    Wolves 14 15
    Gibraltar United 'A' 13 14
    St Josephs United 7 10
    Lincoln Newcastle 7 6
    Gibraltar United 'B' 3 5
    Tunnel Tigers 0 3

    GFA Development:

    Read what the Gibraltar Football Association has to say about the UEFA application.

    The GFA is continuously looking to promote football development at all levels.

    Twenty-eight participants took part between the 13th to 15th October 2006 in the second accredited Level 1 Coaching Course held in association with the Welsh Football Association. The course tutor, Mr Thomas, expressed satisfaction with the number of participants and was pleased with the calibre of the prospective coaches.

    A further Level 1 coaching course will be taking place in the first weekend in December 2006 and persons wishing to undertake the course should contact the General Secretary for further information.

    The Gibraltar Referees Association will be holding a referee’s course in the near future, for persons of any age or sex. Persons wishing to take part in the course either with a view to learn the Laws of the Game or to officiate in the leagues should contact the General Secretary for further information.

    Please take the time to sign Gibraltar's UEFA petition as it will shortly close fo rfurther signatures and sent to UEFA's Executive Committee.

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    Snooker/Billiards/Pool: Results from Gibraltar's three divisions

    Division 1 Table
    Team P W L F A Dif Pts

    Hackney Carriage 4 4 0 26 10 16 8

    Pig and Whistle 3 3 0 20 7 13 6

    Hound Dogs 3 3 0 17 10 7 6

    Trafalgar Tigers 4 2 2 15 21 -6 4

    FEC Stars 2 1 1 11 7 4 2

    St Theresas 4 1 3 19 17 2 2

    Duck and Firkin 2 1 1 9 9 0 2

    All Blacks 3 1 2 11 16 -5 2

    Victoria Bar 2 1 1 6 12 -6 2

    Rock Cosmos 3 1 2 10 17 -7 2

    Colege Cosmos 2 0 2 5 13 -8 0

    Cantina Owls 4 0 4 13 23 -10 0

    Division 2 Table
    Team P W L F A Dif Pts

    Red Beavers 4 3 1 23 13 10 6

    Three Owls 3 3 0 18 9 9 6

    Moorish Castle B 4 2 2 18 14 4 4

    Anchor Bar 4 2 2 19 17 2 4

    Three Roses 3 2 1 13 14 -1 4

    EFSA A 4 2 2 17 19 -2 4

    Royal Oak 4 2 2 17 19 -2 4

    Cueball A 4 2 2 16 20 -4 4

    Victoria Star 4 2 2 12 20 -8 4

    Lions B 4 1 3 18 18 0 2

    St Josephs 4 1 3 17 19 -2 2

    GSP 3 1 2 12 15 -3 2

    Catalan Bay 3 1 2 12 15 -3 2

    Division 3 Table
    Team P W L F A Dif Pts

    Edinburgh Arms 4 3 1 24 12 12 6

    Hooters 3 2 1 17 10 7 4

    Quarterdeck 2 2 0 12 6 6 4

    EFSA B 4 2 2 20 16 4 4

    Coachpark Crew 3 2 1 15 12 3 4

    Angry Friar 4 2 2 19 17 2 4

    Moorish Castle A 3 2 1 14 13 1 4

    White Mafia 4 2 2 16 20 -4 4

    Subway Shooters 2 1 1 10 8 2 2

    Lions 4 1 3 15 21 -6 2

    Splendid Sirens 2 0 2 3 15 -12 0

    Subway Femme Fatales 3 0 3 6 21 -15 0

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    Darts: GDA - 1st Ranking Event (17th November 2006)

    The 1st singles ranking event scheduled this season saw a record attendance for the best part of 4 seasons. This was due to a decision made by the committee to raise subscriptions and make the rankings FREE to enter for all registered members (over 18’s). This did prove to be the right choice.
    With a record attendance for many years, including over 33% of registered members participating, it was another eventful night.

    Winner: Dylan Duo (pictured)
    Finalist: George Ramos
    Semi-Finalists: Justin Broton & Francis Taylor

    This 1st ranking showed strong signs of it returning to its former glory, with the games changed to what they used to be previously (which was decided at a recent captains meeting): best of 5 up to the quarterfinals, best of 7 the quarterfinals, best of 9 the semi-finals and best of 11 the final. George Ramos, an experienced vetaran put up a class act on this occasion by defeating a high number of quality players on his route to the final. These players included George Federico (seed 3), Alfred King, Justin Stagno & Justin Broton (seed 2).

    Dylan, who was the other finalist also didn’t have an easy run to the final, and beat Manolo Asquez, Alan Kimberley, Dyson Parody & Francis Taylor (seed 4) on his way.

    It was a long night but well worth it. We saw many players & spectators stay to watch up to the last minute of darts. Although George Ramos put up a very decent fight in the final, Dylan proved to everyone that he is an outstanding darts player and never an easy opponent. He beat George 6 to 1. In doing so maintaining his no1 spot on the rock.

    Please feel free to visit the official GDA website which has the current seeding positions for this season and do not forget that there are 14 places at stake for representation in international events.

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    Football: Spanish reports on AS favour Gibraltar's application for UEFA membership

    The Spanish population are being turned to support Gibraltar’s cause. Not only have several Spaniards been signing the UEFA petition, in Gibraltar’s favour but significantly Spain’s second largest, daily, sports, paper has published two large spreads, on two separate days (17th and 18th November), defending Gibraltar’s right to be included.

    Tim Stannard from When Saturday Comes was quoted as saying “'AS' along with 'Marca' is one of the biggest sports dailies in Spain and sells about 7 million copies or so a day. A huge victory for Gibraltar to get such favourable coverage in the paper”. It appears that the common sense of the issue and the real spirit of sport is prevailing. The newspaper has shied away from the Miniterio De Deportes’ unsportingly conduct towards Gibraltar’s application for UEFA membership and clearly mentioned the reasons for Gibraltar’s exclusion and how these have been overruled by the CAS.

    Richard Manning, the GFA’s organiser for junior events, was quoted in the article as saying (translated from Spanish) “We do not want to be in UEFA to compete against the elite teams of Europe. We want to be there so that our kids can play against other teams and improve their skills and chances of progressing, instead of being isolated, as we are, from the rest of Europe”.

    Albert Buhagier was also interviewed and commented that (translated from Spanish) “Our players ensure that we play fairly and certainly don’t appreciate those that dive inside the box. The Gibraltarian player has got the Latin traits of holding onto the ball but the English trait of commitment”.

    Interestingly AS tried contacting the Spanish Football Federation, to enquire about their point of view on the matter. They refused to be interviewed but stated that on the 6 and 7 of December, UEFA will be making a decision. The Spanish Federation wished to make clear that they are against Gibraltar's inclusion into UEFA, as a full or a provisional member.

    Click here to read the complete article, in Spanish.

    Interview, in Spanish, with Albert Buhagier:
    Albert Buhagier (pictured) was interviewed, at length, about the issue you may wish to visit the site and read more about it by clicking here. Albert admirably defends Gibraltar's right of inclusion, within the European, footballing community.

    His opening quote reads: "VILLAR ES UNA MARIONETA Y EN GIBRALTAR SÓLO QUEREMOS QUE NOS DEJEN JUGAR" (Englsih translation) "Villar is a marionette, in Gibraltar we only want them to let us play".

    Click here: to read more about what AS has previously reported about the topic.

    Please take the time to SIGN THE UEFA PETITION, if you have already done so, then please forward it on to as many people you know will support the cause.

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