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London - Durban Kayaker raising money for HIV/AIDS is assisted by Gibraltar

Gibraltarians have responded to Werner's unfortunate situation by calling Werner and informing him of the entry requirements for Gibraltar.

Marina Bay's staff have been brilliant in granting Werner a berth at their facilities, through the use of their newly built pontoon. Karl the pier master and Brian, have even gone to the extent of providing Werner with some chains allowing him to secure his kayak, in case he needs to fly to the UK to renew his visa.

Werner will make his way to Gibraltar from Marina Smir tomorrow as the Moroccan authorities have granted him permission to stay only until the weekend. There might still be the chance that he be allowed to stay until Monday, which would allow him to go to the South African consulate in Tangiers and renew his visa. Faling this, he will be forced to enter Gibraltar, fly to to the UK, renew his Schengen visa, return to Gibraltar and then continue via the alternative route of Italy, Turkey, Israel, This will be a much tougher endeavour than the one previously planned.

We hope that Werner will be made welcome to Gibraltar and that we will all give him as much support, especially since he will be having to use more of his money in order to pay for the expensive air fairs to the UK. Click here to make a donation in Rand (£10.00 GBP = 137.942 ZAR South Africa Rand) to Werner's fundraiser challenge for HIV/AIDS.

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