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Snooker/Billiards/Pool: The St Bernard’s ‘Famous Grouse’ Open Snooker Tournament 2006

First Round
After two weeks play we reach the end of the first round of the Famous Grouse Open snooker tournament. Games have gone more or less to form.

On the first Monday evening Peter de la Rosa beat Adrian Wink by 2 frames to 1 and Guy Olivero beat Tyrone Olivero two frames to nil. Next day on the Tuesday Tom Rooney had a walk over and Yewhung Chin beat Gareth Cano by two nil. Thursday night saw Andrew Olivero winning two nil against Kevin Dali and Peter Valarino beating Fernando Monteverde two frames to one. On the Friday night Mukesh Bakhru beat Henry Vinet two nil.

The second week also went to form with Les Moore beating Kevin Dobson two nil, on Monday, and Chris Shimidzu winning two to one against Adrian Holmes on the Wednesday.

On Tuesday Sean Galligan (pictured right) beat Laurence Sisarello two to one after a very shaky start. Thursday night Eddie Newton came through two nil against Titch Olivero and Antonio Cavilla beat Merv Padmore, also two to nil. Francis Becerra beat Aaron Lima two nil, earlier in the week.

The second round will be played next week, starting on Monday 20th at 6.30 pm.
Only two games were postponed – because players were in Ireland at the pool championships.

Second Round.
On Monday 20th at 6.30 Peter de la Rosa plays Guy Olivero and at 8.30 Tom Rooney takes on Yewhung Chin.

Tuesday 21st at 6.30 Andrew Olivero is up against Peter Valarino and at 8.30 Mukesh Bakhru is waiting for Julian McGrail or Nicky Gonzalez.

On Thursday 23rd at 6.30 Les (pictured left) Moore takes on Chris Shimidzu in the game of the week. At 8.30 Julian Collado or Nicky Correa takes on Sean Galligan.

On Friday at 6.30 Eddie Newton is against Antonio Cavilla and at 9.00 Harry Ward plays Francis Becerra.

There will be no play at the tables or service at the bar from 8.00 until 9.00. The Club will be holding its annual memorial mass for departed members, in the lounge.

All players are reminded that while the organisers will attempt to contact each player with details and reminders it is the responsibility of each and every player to know when and who they are playing.

Postponements will only be considered at the request of both players. Any further information from Eddie Newton or St Bernard’s Social Club 78818.

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