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Gibraltar's UEFA petition is gathering momentum

Gibraltar's petition to UEFA, urging them to accept Gibraltar's application, is surging ahead, with over 50 signatories a day and a total of 500 signatures, thus far. has launched its own online petition , which is to be sent to the UEFA Executive Committee, in order to show its support for the Gibraltar Football Association's cause.

The signed petition will be e-mailed and mailed to:
UEFA Chief Executive: Lars-Christer Olsson
Deputy Chief Executive:
Markus Studer, at the CEO office.

Please sign the petition and take your chance to make your voice heard:

Below are some of the comments made so far, from people in Gibraltar and all over the world.

Andrew Blackburn (Gibraltar): Yet another attempt by the Spanish government to ostracise the people of Gibraltar. Keep politics out of sport! Gibraltar Yes!
Keith Sheriff (Gibraltar): How shameful of such a supposedly apolitical and anti-racist organisation such as UEFA to continue to deny the rights of Gibraltarians at the insistence of Spain. Does money count more than morality?
Dylan Moreno (Gibraltar): It's outrageous that UEFA adopts "CAS" ruling to solve disputes between clubs and players and then they don't follow "CAS" rulings when these come on Gibraltar's favour.
Dennis Beiso (Gibraltar): If the Faroe Islands are members of UEFA, and they're not an independent country, where's the problem with us joining?
Antonio K. Moreno (Gibraltar): Football is about entertainment NOT bureaucracy & politics, let us join!
Shantal Stanbury (Gibraltar): Spain have no right in postponing our membership of UEFA.
Iain Rose (Gibraltar): UEFA cannot allow itself to be pressured by Countries given that politics have no place in sport.
Ewan Mathewson (Scotland) Gibraltar have as much right as any other UEFA member to be part of this assocation.
Juan Maente (Spain) Que Si !! Sin politca! Ole GFA.
John Paul Galliano (Gibraltar) We have just as much talent as any other team in UEFA. Also, isn't it about improving our game as well as yours?
Charles Gonzalez (Gibraltar): Remember "Fair Play"?
Paul Borda (Gibraltar): Stop pandering to Spain and do the right thing.
Sergio Braz (Gibraltar): Spanish objection is an outrage. Gibraltar has made merits to be recognised as a member of UEFA.
C. A. Lavarello (Gibraltar): Shame on those who for political reasons prevent individuals from achieving their sporting goals!!!
Eddie Lucas (Gibraltar): UEFA.- A sporting body with a political mind! It makes a mockery of the word SPORT!!!
Frank Azzopardi (Australia): Absolutely ludicrous situation that should never have been allowed to happen.
Annabelle Felipes (Gibraltar): Enough discrimination.....we are supposed to live in a Europe with no frontiers. The greatest frontiers are those put up in the hearts of humanity. Let's strive to replace these with love and respect.
Clive Paul (England): Peters Sport should not be used as a political football. It should be used as a tool to reconcile matters between the two countries.
Christian Hook (Gibraltar): Remember Those yellow Flags Before Each European Match, they read "FAIR PLAY".
Mario Garcia (Spain): La polĂ­tica no tiene nada que ver con el deporte.
Gerhardt Camilleri (Malta): Let Gib join Uefa competitions.
Brandon King (U.K.): Its disgraceful that Spain should be allowed to mix sport and politics in this manner. By the way Faroe Islands arent in the UN either and they have a team!!!
Lee Sampere (Gibraltar): Gibraltar has a very largely football orientated culture; few can dispute that. Therefore I find it unfair that people with such devotion to the sport should be denied the chance to partake in such an honor as to be a part of the UEFA.
David Wynne (Gibraltar): UEFA, your core mission is to promote, protect and develop European Fooball... Why are you going against this and suppressing Gibraltar??
Kevin Smith (Gibraltar): The Spanish government have always objected to Gibraltar being entered into major sports competitions at every level and there are some fantastic athletes on the 'rock' who have been denied the freedom to participate in past and present competitions because of international politics (which have never had anything to do with sport!). This is the sleazy side of sports politics that we all do not want to see, however, if you could spend a minute filling in the petition, it would give me hope as a Gibraltarian that a small place like gibraltar would one day be allowed to participate in a major sports competition so we could develop as any other sporting nation.

As you can see the petition is swiftly gathering momentum. Please take the time to forward the petition on to as many people you know will be willing to sign the petition in support of the cause.

The petition will be submitted to UEFA's Executive Committee on the 7th of December, please ensure that the word is passed around as soon as possible. We are aiming for the 5,000 signature mark so please forward it to as many contacts as possible.

Click here to visit our forum to discuss Gibraltar's application further.



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