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Darts: GDA - 1st Ranking Event (17th November 2006)

The 1st singles ranking event scheduled this season saw a record attendance for the best part of 4 seasons. This was due to a decision made by the committee to raise subscriptions and make the rankings FREE to enter for all registered members (over 18’s). This did prove to be the right choice.
With a record attendance for many years, including over 33% of registered members participating, it was another eventful night.

Winner: Dylan Duo (pictured)
Finalist: George Ramos
Semi-Finalists: Justin Broton & Francis Taylor

This 1st ranking showed strong signs of it returning to its former glory, with the games changed to what they used to be previously (which was decided at a recent captains meeting): best of 5 up to the quarterfinals, best of 7 the quarterfinals, best of 9 the semi-finals and best of 11 the final. George Ramos, an experienced vetaran put up a class act on this occasion by defeating a high number of quality players on his route to the final. These players included George Federico (seed 3), Alfred King, Justin Stagno & Justin Broton (seed 2).

Dylan, who was the other finalist also didn’t have an easy run to the final, and beat Manolo Asquez, Alan Kimberley, Dyson Parody & Francis Taylor (seed 4) on his way.

It was a long night but well worth it. We saw many players & spectators stay to watch up to the last minute of darts. Although George Ramos put up a very decent fight in the final, Dylan proved to everyone that he is an outstanding darts player and never an easy opponent. He beat George 6 to 1. In doing so maintaining his no1 spot on the rock.

Please feel free to visit the official GDA website which has the current seeding positions for this season and do not forget that there are 14 places at stake for representation in international events.

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