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GFA outline junior rules and code of conduct

The junior committee would like to draw to your attention of a few matters which we feel that managers are not complying with the rules of the Junior League.

All teams should have signed the minimum required number of players for the team to be eligible to start the season.

Games are not starting on time this is due to managers keeping their team on the benches once the game has finished it would be appreciated that once your game has finished could you please make your way behind the benches so the other game can start as soon as possible.

Could referees please keep to the rules, we feel that the boys at junior level should be taught the rules in the correct manner throw-ins is the most visible thing that we have noticed, players are getting away with foul throws lets try any show the player the right way.

The state of the pitch has again been raised by the stadium authorities bins are provided so please lets use them. The committee will be monitoring the situation after every game.

Only those nominated by each team will be allowed to enter the field of play may I remind you that only three officials are allowed per team.

All players shirts are to be numbered, at this present time there are a couple of teams without numbers, this becomes a headache for the time keeper when it comes to make substitutions. Please can these teams have numbers before their next game.

The committee will not tolerate any abuse from parents towards any official I must remind you that your club is responsible for both parents and supporters. I would be grateful if you could convey this to them to be on their best behavior at all times.

Could clubs please inform parents that once their son /daughters game has finished they can collect their child from the changing room and not from the pitch, as parents seem to wandering in on to pitch.

The committee will at any time do random checks on teams for both registration and over age players please don’t get offended when approached.

Both Time keepers and referees are being kept as appointed with a few exceptions the committee have informed them and have been given a warning.

First non appearance £10 Second non appearance £20 Third non appearance £30 and referred to disciplinary committee.

Please find below rules for the field of play

1. All free kicks except for a back pass are direct
2. 7 paces (3 meters) for a wall to be placed from the ball when taking foul.
3. All back passes must be whistled
4. Substitutions must go through the time keeper and must be made in a dead ball situation so that the referee is made aware of the substitution.
5. All players must play in both the first half and second half of the game.
6. No players from both the under 7 and under 9’s are not permitted to play in an older age group, players from the under 11 & 13 & 15 can only play a maximum of 5 games
7. In an event of a cup game, in a case of a draw 3 penalties will be taken, only if draw persists sudden death then will occur this only applies to under 7,9,11 under 13 & 15 as senior cup rules.
8. A team must start with a minimum of seven players if this is not applied walk over will be given to other team.

Should for any reason you are unable to attend your given appointment you must make alternative arrangements within your club and not with the committee.

Should you have any queries of the above please do not hesitate to contact me.
Richard Manning
Junior Secretary

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Amos Bosano, Dyson Parody, Justin Broton, Danny Peach, Alexander Nuñes (Youth),
Dylan Duo (bottom left).

Who would have envisaged just 5 years ago that Gibraltar would be represented at both the
Professional PDC & WDF World championship events!

The GDA is being well represented this year at the 35th Winmau World Masters, which will be
held between the 4th – 7th December in UK (Bridlington).

Apart from the prestigious World Masters singles event, they are also participating in the World Professional Playoffs (qualifiers) to contend against the best from the World Darts Federation circuit. Also we have Dylan Duo (professional) at the World Qualifiers. So keep your eyes pealed on Sky & BBC as its only a matter of time before we start appearing on TV.

Sponsorships are very important and the recent massive increase in exposure from the GDA
is proving to be pivotal with sponsors starting to realise that involvement in darts is the correct
move. Apart from several silent sponsors, we have to give thanks to Kronenbourg 1664, the
Gibraltar Government, Esalda’s Jewellers, Pussers Landing, Sports & Leisure, Leeds
Transport & Choden Fashion.

Lets wish them all the very best of success!

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Rugby: 3 Owls Bayside Tournament for year 7 & 8

After the success of the year 9 7s tournament, this Wednesday the 3rd of December from 3.30pm on the main pitch of Victoria stadium sees the year 8s getting involved in the


This is the first taste of rugby for a lot of new boys and the Dragons hope to find some new recruits for the growing band of rugby players here on the rock. Some of these boys could also make the backbone of a Bayside schools side for the two visiting UK teams who have already booked and confirmed to come out early April and May of next year with under 14s sides, exciting times indeed for the Gibraltar Dragons junior rugby club and indeed Bayside school.

Everyone is invited to come along and see some exciting 7s rugby on the Rock of Gibraltar.

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GFA defends its decision

‘PLAYING BY THE RULES’The Gibraltar Football Association has issued a Press release regarding the current dispute in which twenty- one registered Clubs are refusing to complete fixtures – until their demand for an EGM is met.

From the Release - ‘As reported in the media, seven clubs have refused to play any official scheduled matches since 15th. November 2008. The reason given for such action, entered into without any discussion with the GFA Council, is supposedly against a Rule in the GFA statutes which has existed since 1932 which requires players selected for Gibraltar to play/ train in an international competition for which they have been selected. The GFA adds, it takes many months preparation and hard work and thousands of pounds to organise and attend international competitions such as that recently attended in Jersey. The GFA cannot leave itself exposed to players suddenly, and for no good reason, to decide not to represent Gibraltar. Unfortunately, in Gibraltar, the pool of players who are good enough to represent Gibraltar at international level is restricted and, consequently, if players are allowed to drop out from an international match/ competition without good reason the squad will be considerably depleted.

This is not good for the image which the GFA is endeavouring to portray abroad.
Whilst it is difficult to understand why there are persons and clubs who fail to support and, indeed, seek to undermine the Association’s efforts to require from persons selected to represent Gibraltar a serious commitment and discipline necessary to proudly wear and do justice to the national shirt, the fact is that is the reality of the situation. Disciplinary proceedings were commenced against more than the five suspended players in question. All players were given the opportunity to put in writing their reasons for not accepting to train and/ or play for Gibraltar. The majority, but not all, availed themselves of this opportunity. The five players suspended were found by the Council not to have good and sufficient cause for their respective decisions not to train/play for the selection. The others did and no action was taken against them.The Council finds it difficult to understand the rationale for the Clubs deciding to boycott matches simply because they do not now, suddenly, like a rule which they voted to accept as recently as January 2007. Moreover, even if they did not like the rule and wished to change it, why is it necessary boycott matches pending the holding of any EGM? There are mechanisms in place for the Clubs to have requested an EGM or to have otherwise aired their grievances without the need to deprive their own players of playing matches.

The Clubs in compliance with the GFA Rules finally asked for an EGM as provided for under the said Rules on Friday 21st. November 2008 – a full six days after beginning their boycott of matches. The request received complies with the Rules of the GFA, notwithstanding that two of the persons who signed the request were not authorised to sign on behalf of their clubs – and that certain clubs have reportedly claimed that what was handed into the GFA last Friday was not what they had all agreed to. The GFA will, in due course, be calling an EGM.Due to the steps that need to be taken to organise such an event, and due to the commitments of Council members – who give up their free time, such a meeting will be held some weeks away.

In the meantime, the Council has warned clubs of the consequences of breaching the GFA’s rules on non-appearance at scheduled fixtures. Any breach of said Rules will be actioned, implementing the usual disciplinary procedure. The Council, 25. 11.08.Speaking to the Chronicle, in answer to the question ‘The Way Ahead ? ’, GFA President Mr. Nuñez said -“ The GFA would adhere to the Rules of the Association and enforce them’.“It was up to the Clubs to consider their ‘duty and obligations’ to, and the best interests of, their members and let them play.“ If the Clubs continued to fail to fulfil fixtures, this would invoke further disciplinary action, covered by the Rules, and affect their rights to participate in any future EGM.”

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GFA Suspended player speaks out about suspension

I speak as a suspended player myself, the reason which i gave for not being able to play for the GFA was ignored. I had just started a new job when i was called up for the GFA, this job consisted of shift works, therefore i simply could not commit myself 100% as requested from the GFA manager. Apart from that i was not entitled to enough leave in order to travel abroad with the GFA. If this is not a valid reason im afraid there is no valid reason for the GFA, i have not even been asked to produce a letter from my employer to prove this, which i can do so.

Players which have to PAY to PLAY like us, should not be treated in this manner, as even proffesionals reject being selected to represent there country, even for the simple reason of not being happy with the manager, team etc. I think the GFA have gone a bit to far this time and honestly they have been making decisions such as these for many years now.

It is time to finally put a stop to this, and if it takes a whole year without football let it be, anyway the league this year would have started a week ago and would have ended sometime march, due to GFA selection training yet another wrong decision.

I hope Gibraltar realises what we footballers have to put up with!

Jordan Perez
(pictured above)

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GHA prepare to take Gibraltar back into Europe's top 16 hockey nations

This season the GHA will see the start of a 5 year plan for its Men’s Senior Side, as we aim to mirror our efforts shown with the work with our youth programme, which now sees a steady flow of youngsters feeding our senior sides. The aim of this plan is to hopefully see Gibraltar return to the top 16 teams in Europe.

The GHA has made plans for the first 3 years which shall include euro competitions, training camps in foreign countries, local tests against visiting sides, fitness assessments, technical & tactical assessments, etc. After this period, we will review the results of these 3 years before moving forward.

In order to ensure that these plans, and the GHA squad, are led by the most competent individuals available, we are delighted to say that we think we have secured the services of a very strong and experienced 5 man management team.

The team will be composed as follows:

Team Manager Stephen Valarino
Team Coach Steven Soussi
Team Consultant Karl Stagno
Head of Delegation Peter Pizarro
Team Secretary Brian Buckley

Last Sunday saw the first training session, which was open to all senior male members (over the age of 16). There was a very good turn out, with representatives from all 3 first division clubs (even those players who are currently injured turned up to see the new project in full flow). The session included a fitness assessment as well as some basic drills. The general feed back from all players was very positive and they are all looking forward to being part of the future plans of the GHA.

The GHA next meet on the 14th December for another training session. We also plan to meet at the beginning of January where they will hold 2 training sessions & plan to have games against the visiting Great Britain Youth squad.

Further updates to follow.

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Cricket in Gibraltar is on the up

The last few weeks have seen an expectant Gibraltar Cricket Association (GCA) patiently waiting for good news from the International Cricket Council (ICC) executives.

Whilst at the European Championships in Guernsey in August we had heard that the World Cricket League (WCL) system was going to be expanded and that national teams around the world that were performing well could be included in the set-up. The World Cricket League has been created to allow non-Test playing teams to experience fully international style games and to find their level away from parochial regional tournaments, with the white ball and coloured clothing too.

As reported by the Chronicle and as a result of our performances in Guernsey, Gibraltar are delighted to have been accepted into WCL Division 7 and we will look forward to playing against teams from Guernsey, Japan, Surinam, Nigeria and Bahrain. This marks a massive change in emphasis from competing with our established friends and colleagues from Germany, France, Croatia and the like and gives us a Worldwide opportunity never had before. The ultimate in promotion through the division we have been added to could see us in competition for the ICC World Cup in 2015!

Gibraltar Cricket has been going through a somewhat radical overhaul over the last 12 months or so. We have introduced the game into the school curriculum to 1350 pupils at many of our schools and, since September, we have put some 130 youngsters through an advanced coaching program at Under 11, 13 and 15 age groups, both boys and girls. These players have been part of a ‘district’ program that will accelerate their development and give them the skills required to advance into higher level competition, our junior national squads and eventually into adult cricket when it is appropriate for them to do so.

Training sessions have taken place at St.Anne’s and St.Joseph’s Schools in their indoor halls, as well as at the Old Sports Hall at Bayside and Westside School. Timings are between 6 and 8pm and further details can be obtained for any of the schools cricketers interested by calling 58009210.

Additionally, away from the playing side of things, we have enjoyed the challenge that ICC have given us to produce a comprehensive and cohesive ‘National Operational Plan and Budget Report’ that ties in our key objectives with ICC policy to benefit our sport and improve all areas of the game. These developments will be presented to interested cricketers attending an EGM in December and provide a radical change from the established practices that have gone on up until now.

In keeping with our new international competition it has been agreed that we need to cast the net wider in terms of cricketers ready to take part in the WCL. There are strict criteria that ICC apply to players in their tournaments such that GCA cannot play tourists or those without a commitment to the country – and rightly so. More details of the eligibility criteria can be found at:

However, so long as you have been born in the country, have represented Gibraltar before or have spent four or more continuous years living and playing here you may well be eligible to represent the country in international tournaments. Gibraltar has a proud history of only playing indigenous players in it’s teams and this will not change, we will not accept overseas players however good they may be!

The initial training program for the WCL will begin in January and it is anticipated that eligible players will commit to training from that month and the pre-competition games in April and tour to Surrey in May. In order to identify those players of a suitable standard who wish to represent their country in this prestigious event, we will be holding initial trials to select the training squad on Sunday 21st December in the outdoor nets at Victoria Stadium starting at 11AM.

No previous experience at international level is required, only cricket ability and the commitment to train for five months before the event. As with the TV program, those possessing the ability to progress will be invited back to further ‘auditions’ and can eventually hope to be involved in the eventual WCL squad! We are quite happy to see triallists from age group cricket as well as those of more mature years. As with the TV program the judge’s decision is final and, in the wish to remain neutral, we will employ county qualified coaches from the UK in finalising the squad.

The WCL is a massive opportunity for Gibraltar and we hope to share it with as many people as we can. The final squad for the competition may only be 14 strong but we trust we will carry the hopes and full support of the nation on our backs when we play in the Channel Islands next year.

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Gibraltar Rugby Club vs San Jeronimo

Gibraltar Rugby Club vs. San Jeronimo It was a crisp clear day sun shining bright with a cool wind blowing across the Guadiaro pitch in Pueblo Nuevo that saw the two teams at the top of the league square off against each other. Suspense was high in the two teams as they warmed up as there were no doubts that the match to follow would be an extremely physical one.

From the kick off San Jeronimo dominated the possession keeping the Gibraltar team in their own half of the field for majority of the half. Gibraltar took the pressure well and defended the sanctity of their try line like Spartans. The Gibraltar forwards held back wave after wave of attack from those of San Jeronimo and maintained pressure at the rucks turning over any slow ball and in turn attacking the San Jeronimo line brutally. The Gibraltar backline did an amazing job of shutting down any moves attempted by their opposing numbers and centre combination of Joey Garcia, with his characteristically surgical running, and Ross Eatwell, and his nifty boot, gave the supporters something to shout about in reply.

After 20 minutes, the brutality of the match became evident with John Bassadone picking up a foot injury and Joey Holiday gaining a stomping to the back of his head. With a bit of tape John soldiered on but Joey Holiday had to spend some time in the blood bin. 5 minutes later the San Jeronimo team put a man through on the wing and crossed the line for a try. However this was disallowed, the match referee’s keen eye picking up that the touch judge had surprisingly missed the San Jeronimo player stepping in to touch.

Despite a sterling effort in defence which was not aided by playing into the wind hampering the ability to clear the ball the John Smiths Gibraltar rugby team sponsored by Peninsula Petroleum were unable to keep San Jeronimo out of the try area and a Peter o’File did manage to put some point up for San Jeronimo in the form of a converted try in the 35th minute. The Gibraltar team did not let this get them down though and replied with the forwards smashing the ball into oppositions half straight from the kick off. Some tricky hands from the backline saw Chris Gillighan at fullback out pace the San Jeronimo backs to dot the ball down in the corner. With a difficult kick into the wind the conversion attempt sailed wide concluding the first half with a score of 7-5 to the visiting team.

The second half saw the tables turn with the home team holding more possession and playing with the wind which aided in keeping the ball in oppositions half. Soon into the half the educated boot of Chris Gillighan put the john Smiths Gibraltar rugby club sponsored by Peninsula Petroleum ahead with a penalty bringing the score 8-7. Despite the defensive efforts of the San Jeronimo team the Gibraltar team found themselves on the opposing teams try line driving hard for a try. In a spectacular American football style move Ross Eatwell super manned over the defence to get over the try line. Sadly, and contradictory to the rumour that Africans have sticky fingers, the ball was lost forward in his nose dive landing.

With the half drawing to a close the San Jeronimo team tried to hit back and came close to drawing ahead however a penalty in Gib’s half saw the Gibraltar team run the ball up the field. Winger Julian Leigh doing most of the work up the right side of the field, chipping it ahead just outside the try line he was held back by a San Jeronimo defender, the ref however allowed play to continue giving the john Smiths Gibraltar team sponsored by Peninsula Petroleum the advantage needed for John Dibb to get the try in the corner. Chris converted the try and the win went to Gibraltar with a final score of 15-7.

This brutal game saw some brilliant scrumming from the Gibraltar team with the wily hooking of Kevin Boulton (no relation to Michael) often stealing the ball from the opposing hooker. A strong front row of Rob Uphill, Kevin Boulton and Nick Ramagge also enabled the Gibraltar pack to shove the opposition pack right off the ball when the San Jeronimo hooker did manage to keep the ball. Precision jumping by locks John Bassadone and Joey Holiday also allowed the Gibraltar team to dominate in the lineout’s. The loose forwards Chris Lyons, Gary Evans, Owain Richards and Chad Thomson did a fantastic job in defence making some skull rattling tackles, getting to the breakdowns early and smashing the ball up in attack with the gusto that they so often show.

Despite ball that was at times very difficult James Russo did a solid job at scrum half providing Paul Howard at fly half with the ball he needed to bring the backline into play. Despite pressure which was not altogether legal at the best of times Paul kept his head and set up a number of backline moves that had the opposition on their back foot.

Gibraltar RFC did a stand up job of keeping their heads in a physical match against an opposition of reasonable skill and sadly a propensity for dangerous and violent play. In spite of this we hold our heads high in victory.

On Sunday 23rd of November sees John Smiths Gibraltar Rugby Club sponsored by Peninsula Petroleum play Marbella Rugby Club away in Marbella.

And on Thursday 27th November sees players from Gibraltar rugby club playing for Pillars of Hercules. Which will be traveling to New York to participate in their 50th Annual New York 7’s on the 29th November.

John Smiths Gibraltar squad sponsored Peninsula Petroleum: Rob Uphill, Kevin Boulton, Nick Ramagge, Chad Thomson, Joey Holiday, John Bassadone, Gary Evans, Chris Lyons, Owain Richards, James Russo, Paul Howard, Julian Leigh, Joey Garcia, John Dibb, Nick Muller, Ross Eatwell, Chris Gillighan,

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College Cosmos team retain title for a 4th consecutive year

Pictured on left (left to right – winners “College Cosmos”)Amos Bosano, Dylan Duo, Christian Tosso, Justin Broton, Henry Zapatapictured on right (left to right – runners up “St Josephs A”)Dayle Ramirez, Carl Thomas, Jadrian Pecino, Danny Peach, Dyson Parody.

A jam packed 9 teams making up a total of 43 players were present for this years Friendship Cup. The blind draw was made and from the offset favoured St. Joseph’s ‘A’ as favourites as 2 of the other favourites College Cosmos and R&J Varyl Begg were drawn against each other in the 2nd round.

All games contested were rather one sided up until the final itself. Christian Tosso (College Cosmos) lost 1-2 against Jadrian Pecino (St Josephs) and Dyson Parody (St Josephs) also saw off Amos Bosano (College Cosmos) in a close 2-1 game. This meant that St. Joseph’s were 2-0 up and the title was in their line of sight (only needing 1 win out of the 3 remaining games).
However Dylan Duo (College Cosmos) had a fantastic game to beat young Carl Thomas (St Josephs) who played his heart out and Henry Zapata’s (College Cosmos) game against Dayle Ramirez (St Josephs) was seen by some as the critical game as they favoured Justin Broton (College Cosmos) to win the last game but Henry Zapata held his nerve and levelled the score 2 – 2.

The last game was played between Justin Broton (College Cosmos) vs Danny Peach (St Joseph’s). Both players had not played an official match the whole evening and it must have felt for both of them that they had been thrown into the frying pan. It went to the last leg but Justin managed to play a good last leg to secure the win for the College Cosmos by 3 –2.

Well done to the winners, College Cosmos, in retaining the title for a 4th consecutive year and to all the players that turned up for making it a very entertaining evening in support of one of our oldest team competitions.

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More Gibraltarian kayakers to go international in 2009

As part of the 2008 / 2009 season, Alexandra Asquez’ next race will be held in Sevilla on the 20th of December. She will also be collecting her runner’s up trophy for last season’s championship.

The GCA wishes to announce that they will be holding a number of junior races and heats starting in January 2009, and depending on how well the children do, the Association we will be entering them into the Andalucian Championships, and those who qualify will hopefully be competing at UK National Finals in June.
Finally, this year’s AGM will be held on the 8th December at 1830 hrs at the Victoria Stadium Meeting Hall, where the Committee hopes to announce an exciting series of events, and confirm some long awaited developments which will further aid the development of the sport for local paddlers at all levels, both junior and senior alike.

For further information, please contact the undersigned, or G.C.A. Secretary, Mr Arturo Asquez, on 54025033 / 55076, or

On behalf of the Gibraltar Canoeing Association
31 Knigtsbridge Close
Montagu Crescent
Tel. 54009256

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Round 2 for Gibraltar Dragons Rugby Juniors

Another weekend of Rugby in week 2 of the Andalucian league, had over fifty boys of all ages from Gibraltar and Spain playing rugby at Guadiaro for the Gibraltar Dragons.

The day started with a training session for the S G HAMBROS under 13s, unfortunately Malaga CR couldn’t bring there under 13s, so we had to train and play amongst themselves. As always this made the competition a little more edgy as both teams tried to overcome the other in a hard fought competition, however the boys were disappointed not to have another team to play. This will change soon when the under 13s begin there league of which the home game is at Guadiaro on the 14th of DEC.

Next up we had the IBEX under 11s who played the San Roque under 11s, though we say under 11s Bradley Hewitt and Sheigh Wilson actually play under 9s, though this didn’t stop them getting stuck in. The San Roque team is new this year and is building, but it’s good to see a team locally who we can arrange more games against and maybe build a mini league by getting schools in Gibraltar and the Campo area involved which would bring local rugby on leaps and bounds. The IBEX Under 11s won but the score wasn’t important in this landmark game for San Roque and Gibraltar Dragons who are working so hard to develop junior rugby.

This brought up the first league game of the day when the ALL SPORTS BAR Under 15s played Malaga CR, Malaga have recently amalgamated two teams, the CR team and the University, giving them a much stronger squad however we were confident.

A good start from Malaga, who took no time to switch on, saw them scoring a try in the first two minutes and rocking the confidence of the Dragons this wasn’t helped when Malaga scored again ten minutes later, the signs were ominous. Malaga were throwing the ball round well and out boys seemed shell shocked, however we started clawing our way back into the game through the forwards but still we weren’t working as a unit and Malaga capitalized on our indecision and scored a third try.

Some good rucking and mauling from our guys who finally seemed to be gelling resulted in a try from Jeremy King able converted by Daniel Carey, we went into half time 3 tries to 1 confident that the second half would be a different story.

Due to injury a couple of main players had to be changed and the balance of the team was disrupted which compounded Gibraltar Dragons further and Malaga began to take total control, Gibraltar Dragons lacked direction or focus and they were exploited with Malaga running riot and our boys couldn’t find there way back, a disappointment after last weeks sterling performance and the score finally finished Gibraltar Dragons 7 Malaga CR 61 and the result was a fair reflection of the days game. The Dragons were outplayed by a better team but from this the boys will move forward and pick themselves up and show what there made off. Next week they are away to Marbella A which will be another stiff test, but lets not forget this is only the boys second season and they are developing and learning on the hoof and hopefully this minor set back will be put behind them and they will step off from here.

Man of the Match was Daniel Carey who led from the front, tackling hard supporting well.

Final Game of the Day was VOLKER STEVIN Under 17s in only there second match, and what these guys lack in technique they make up for in enthusiasm and commitment with some of the hardest tackling I have ever seen, but Malaga CR have a strong under 17s team who have played together for awhile and again it showed with some slick passing and support play, our guys are still at the level where they take the ball two steps too many, this isn’t a criticism but part of the learning process and when they pick this up the speed we have will really start to show. The forwards had a hard time in the scrum but again this is only a learning curve and technique which they will learn quickly in this hard league, but there defence, tackling and heart leaves nothing to be desired as that is all there and the skills will come with it. There was some fine individual runs from the Volker Stevin boys and some try saving tackles as well as stoic defence of the try line, but under all the pressure the Malaga players slowly started finding holes and inevitably the tries came with a final score of

VOLKER STEVIN Gibraltar Dragons 0 Malaga CR 61.
It will be interesting to see how these teams fair in there next meeting, I for one don’t think the score will be as dramatic as this looks and Malaga certainly left here knowing they had been in a game. A very worthy man of the Match was Mousa Tzunani.

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Graham Hawkins continues to promote rugby in Gibraltar

From 12 youngsters turning up to the first training session at Westside school, to tag rugby at St Anne’s, to RFU level 1 coaching course to Gibraltar Dragons playing in the Spanish league, and now the first ever 7s tournament at Bayside school.

Rugby has climbed mountains in the last two years and all thanks to local dedicated people and a sports teacher who has vision.

Graham Hawkins recently appointed head of sports at Bayside has long been a supporter of rugby, realizing that not only was it a sport but also a life skill, rugby is a sport that has to be played by a TEAM and you have to have discipline and today was a fulfillment of something that has been dreamed of for a long time here in Gibraltar.

Bayside school has not only put rugby on the curriculum but has also held its first 7s inter house tournament, over 40 year 9 boys played an action packed hour of non stop, full on rugby, with ever facet of the game covered. Rucks ,maul, tackling, knock ons and the most important thing tries were in abundance.

Tempers were lost, tiredness was evident, but no one gave up. Over 300 points were scored and non stop running rugby ensued, organized chaos comes to mind, able overseen by Gibraltar Dragons coaches in the shape of Neil Wilson, Steve Bailey and Terry Blackburn, but as in all things there has to be a winner and there was only one winner and it was rugby.

However that’s not the full story with the 4 houses of Bayside all putting teams into the tournament, and although there were some no shows the ideal was achieved to introduce the sport to many, and make sure they enjoy.

After a hard session which the boys enjoyed there was the awarding of the 3 Owls year 9 7s trophy graciously sponsored by the 3 Owls of Irish Town which will become a annual event within the school, leading into year 8, and already year 10 and 11 are desperate to begin.

All thanks to Mr Hawkins, but as in all tournaments there has to be winners and the results were as follows.

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Volker Stevin makes further commitment to Gibraltar Rugby

Gibraltar Dragons received another major boost from Volker Stevin today but not only for the under 17s.

Volker Stevin have sponsored the Dragons polo shirts for the season and what a wonderful gesture, we all know how hard it is for companies here in Gibraltar to be bombarded for sponsorship but for one company to commit itself so much to local rugby and assist in this way has given this new and up and coming sport a major lifeline.Since rugby isn’t played within Gibraltar, costs are a major problem, home games costing almost £500 with the hire of pitch, coaches for the kids, medical cover and hosting, raising funds is a major headache.

To put it into perspective, Gibraltar Dragons have been chosen to host the first concentration of under SG Hambros 13s, Ibex Insurance under 11s and under 9s on the 14th of Dec, we will be hosting almost a hundred kids plus coaches and parents, in excess of 150 people who we have to feed and water, which other sport has this opportunity to show how good Gibraltarian hospitality can be and we thank Volker Stevin for helping Gibraltar Dragons fly the flag for Gibraltar Rugby, this cost of this weekend could be in excess of £700 but by donating the polo shirts we can achieve this aim and move on.Our picture shows Kees Wendrich of VOLKER STEVIN with the VOLKER STEVIN Gibraltar Dragons under 17s team

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Netball results, scores and forthcoming fixtures in Gibraltar

Lightning Cups


10/11/08 B3 Attias & Levy 15 V Victor Chandl 17 Natwest/
Fball Mania
Baker Tilly/ Capurro


C2 Natwest 5 V Footbll Mania 3 Attias/ VCI Baker Tilly/ Capurro

D1 Smilies


D4 Celebs


12/11/08 D2 ABC 20 V Hassan 9 Manch x 2 Black birds/Marb

C3 Marbella 35 V Manch Girls 7 ABC/Netgear D & H/ Moira

D3 BMW Chics 15 V Netgea 6 Marbella x 2 D & H/ Moira


B1 Marble Arc

13/11/08 B2 BFG 11 V Black Birds 13 Elite x2 Elite/ Moira

A1 Bullock 32 V Elite 24 BFG/B Tilly Rose/Fruits

A2 Baker Tilly 42 V Fruit Shoots 13 Bullock x2 Rose/Bullock

17/11/08 A3 Capurro
V Portman Sundial/ D & H B Tilly / Fruitshoots

A4 Sundial
V D & H Ceramics Capurro / Portman Capro/BTilly

19/11/08 B4 Lek Bankok
V The Look Bullock x2 Sundial/Rose
19/11/08 A5 Win A1 Bullock
V Win A2 Baker Til Lek BMar Arc Rose /Moira

B5 Win B1 Mar Arc
V Win B2 Black bird Baker Tilly x2 Moira/Bulock

20/11/08 C5 Win C1 PWC
V Win C2 Natwest Smilies/ABC Bry/Moira

D5 Win D1 Smilies
V Win D2 ABC PWC/Natwest Bry/Fruits


24/11/08 A6 Winner A3
V Winner A4 Vict Ch/Win B4

B6 Win B3 Victor C
V Winner B4 Win A3/Win A4

26/11/08 C6 Win C3 Marbela
V Win C4 BMI BMW/Celes

D6 Win D3 BMW
V Win D4 Celebs Marbella/BMI

27/11/08 B7 Winner B5
V Winner B6 Win A5/Win A5

A7 Winner A5
V Winner A6 Win B5/Win B6

01/12/08 D7 Winner D5
V Winner D6 Win C5/Win C6

C7 Winner C5
V Winner C6 WinD5/Win D6

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SG Hambros Results and Fixtures


1 25 October 2008 Black Eagles 1 vs 2 Grams Oldies
Grams Yng Guns 4 vs 1 Lions Pirates
Eagles Tangerine 5 vs 5 Collegians Vets.
26 October 2008 Lions Hawks 2 vs 3 Barclays Wealth

2 08 November 2008 Collegians Vets. 5 vs 1 Lions Pirates
Eagles 4 vs 1 Lions Hawks
Eagles Tangerine 1 vs 3 Grams Oldies
09 November 2008 Black Eagles 1 vs 2 Gib HT

3 15 November 2008 Eagles Tangerine 2 vs 1 Gib HT
Gramms Oldies 4 vs 2 Grams Yung Guns
Black Eagles 3 vs 1 Lions Pirates
16 November 2008 Eagles 3 vs 3 Barclays Wealth

4 22 November 2008 Collegians Vets.
Grams Oldies
Lions Pirates
Eagles Tangerine
Grams Yung Guns
23 November 2008 Lions Hawks
Barclays Wealth


Played Win Draw Lost G.F G.A G.D Pnts
Eagles Tangerine 3 1 1 1 8 9 -1 4
Collegians Vets. 2 1 1 0 10 6 4 4
Black Eagles 3 1 0 2 5 1 4 3
Grams Oldies
3 3 0 0 9 4 5 9
Gib HT 2 1 0 1 3 3 0 3
Grams Yung Guns 2 1 0 1 6 5 1 3
Pirates 3 0 0 3 3 12 -9 0

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Local footballers say they have the right not to play for the Gibraltar team

A major row has erupted between clubs and players as to whether players are entitled not to play for the GFA selection.
Letters have been sent by the GFA Council suspending various players for non-participation in the GFA selection.

Sixteen clubs have come out in support of the players.
The clubs are Chelsea, Lincoln, Manchester United, Wanderers, College Cosmos, Pegasus, Glacis United, Laguna, Shamrock 101, South United, Sporting Club, Gibraltar United, Lions, St Joseph's, Lynx and Moroccan United.

The clubs say they support the right of all their players to choose not to train/play for the GFA selection. They reject the suspension of various players by the GFA Council for choosing not to train/play for the GFA selection and call for a lifting of the suspensions of all affected players with immediate effect.

The clubs also call for an immediate extra-ordinary general meeting of the GFA.
Further, Chelsea, Laguna, Glacis United, Manchester United, Gibraltar United, Lincoln, Shamrock 101, Lions and St Joseph's, and their reserve teams, say they will not be fulfilling their fixtures until such time as an extra-ordinanry general meeting takes place.

What do you think? Vote on this topic on the right.

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Guernsey to play host to Gibraltar's cricket team in WCL event

The ICC Development Committee has approved in principle that the Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 7 (WCL Div. 7) tournament will be held in May/June 2009 in Guernsey and that the Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 6 (WCL Div. 6) tournament will be held in September in Singapore.

European nations Gibraltar, Guernsey and Norway have been named among the 10 teams that will compete across the two divisions. Gibraltar will travel to the Channel Islands to join Guernsey in Division 7, whilst Norway will journey to Singapore to take part in Division 6.

The decisions were made as the committee gathered in Spain for one of its biannual meetings, which concluded on Sunday, and the choice of venues are now subject to appropriate finalisation of arrangements.

In arriving at the determination of which teams would participate in each tournament, the Development Committee considered the relative strength of each region given the results of the WCL Div. 5 event in Jersey earlier this year as well as the most recent regional results and the desire to recognise all five regions of the Pepsi ICC Development Programme.

The Development Committee allocated the 10 positions across the two divisions by region assigning three teams from Asia (two for WCL Div. 6 and one for WCL Div. 7), three teams from Europe (one for WCL Div. 6 and two for WCL Div. 7), two teams from Africa (one for each division), one team from the Americas (for WCL Div. 7) and one team from East Asia-Pacific (also for WCL Div. 7).

In line with current ICC regional rankings, the make-up of the two tournaments will be as follows:

Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 7, May 2009 (Guernsey): Guernsey, Nigeria, Japan, Suriname, Bahrain and Gibraltar

Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 6, September 2009 (Singapore): Singapore, Botswana, Norway, Malaysia and top two teams qualifying from WCL Div. 7

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Graham Watson's article about the Gibraltars Football Association's UEFA application

Graham Watson, Monday November 17 2008 08.00 GMT
Article history

In Jules Verne's satirical novel Gil Braltar, a Spanish general incites a troop of monkeys to attack Gibraltar's British fortress. For a time, the outcome hangs in the balance, but the most awesome military power that the world had ever known does eventually triumph. On Thursday, with that story in mind, I led a team of Liberal Democrat MEPs from across the European Union in a game of football against the Gibraltar national side. I'm not suggesting that the Rock's squad is the equivalent of the British Army, any more than I'm comparing my side to man's nearest cousin – but suffice to say we lost.

Where we did score, however, was in drawing attention to the shabby treatment that has been meted out to the Gibraltar Football Association. Gibraltar's team first applied for membership of Uefa – European football's controlling body – back in the 1990s. The Faroe islands, a Danish province with a population of less than 50,000, was admitted in 1990 and have since been free to participate in European competitions. Given that precedent, it seems only fair that the Gibraltar, a British province with a population of around 30,000, should have its team granted membership too. But it hasn't.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport has twice ruled that Uefa must consider the GFA application under the rules governing membership at the time of application, that Gibraltar qualifies for membership under those rules, and that Uefa has not acted in accordance with the Court's rulings in dealing with the GFA's application. Despite this, the Uefa Congress rejected the GFA bid in January of last year. This boils down to politics.

The Spanish government is loth to see Gibraltar develop any aspect of independent identity, for fear that it will undermine Spain's long-standing and hopeless wish to rejoin the island with the mainland. They also live in fear that a Gibraltar national football team playing European matches will inspire the Basque country and Catalonia to develop their own sporting ambitions. So it's little wonder that the Spanish FA has led the shrill voices opposing Gibraltar's application and, in foot-stamping form, has even threatened to pull its team out of competitions if Gibraltar becomes a Uefa member. Spanish football has cash and clout: Gibraltar football does not. Go figure.

Ultimately, it's Gibraltar's citizens who pay the price. For a little promontory, it has a burgeoning sporting life, with well over a hundred registered football teams alone. Its sporting potential should be developed, not sidelined.

Since 2004 Gibraltar has had a voice in the European parliament, and I have been proud to represent it. It should have a presence in European football too.

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