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GFA outline junior rules and code of conduct

The junior committee would like to draw to your attention of a few matters which we feel that managers are not complying with the rules of the Junior League.

All teams should have signed the minimum required number of players for the team to be eligible to start the season.

Games are not starting on time this is due to managers keeping their team on the benches once the game has finished it would be appreciated that once your game has finished could you please make your way behind the benches so the other game can start as soon as possible.

Could referees please keep to the rules, we feel that the boys at junior level should be taught the rules in the correct manner throw-ins is the most visible thing that we have noticed, players are getting away with foul throws lets try any show the player the right way.

The state of the pitch has again been raised by the stadium authorities bins are provided so please lets use them. The committee will be monitoring the situation after every game.

Only those nominated by each team will be allowed to enter the field of play may I remind you that only three officials are allowed per team.

All players shirts are to be numbered, at this present time there are a couple of teams without numbers, this becomes a headache for the time keeper when it comes to make substitutions. Please can these teams have numbers before their next game.

The committee will not tolerate any abuse from parents towards any official I must remind you that your club is responsible for both parents and supporters. I would be grateful if you could convey this to them to be on their best behavior at all times.

Could clubs please inform parents that once their son /daughters game has finished they can collect their child from the changing room and not from the pitch, as parents seem to wandering in on to pitch.

The committee will at any time do random checks on teams for both registration and over age players please don’t get offended when approached.

Both Time keepers and referees are being kept as appointed with a few exceptions the committee have informed them and have been given a warning.

First non appearance £10 Second non appearance £20 Third non appearance £30 and referred to disciplinary committee.

Please find below rules for the field of play

1. All free kicks except for a back pass are direct
2. 7 paces (3 meters) for a wall to be placed from the ball when taking foul.
3. All back passes must be whistled
4. Substitutions must go through the time keeper and must be made in a dead ball situation so that the referee is made aware of the substitution.
5. All players must play in both the first half and second half of the game.
6. No players from both the under 7 and under 9’s are not permitted to play in an older age group, players from the under 11 & 13 & 15 can only play a maximum of 5 games
7. In an event of a cup game, in a case of a draw 3 penalties will be taken, only if draw persists sudden death then will occur this only applies to under 7,9,11 under 13 & 15 as senior cup rules.
8. A team must start with a minimum of seven players if this is not applied walk over will be given to other team.

Should for any reason you are unable to attend your given appointment you must make alternative arrangements within your club and not with the committee.

Should you have any queries of the above please do not hesitate to contact me.
Richard Manning
Junior Secretary

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