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Volker Stevin makes further commitment to Gibraltar Rugby

Gibraltar Dragons received another major boost from Volker Stevin today but not only for the under 17s.

Volker Stevin have sponsored the Dragons polo shirts for the season and what a wonderful gesture, we all know how hard it is for companies here in Gibraltar to be bombarded for sponsorship but for one company to commit itself so much to local rugby and assist in this way has given this new and up and coming sport a major lifeline.Since rugby isn’t played within Gibraltar, costs are a major problem, home games costing almost £500 with the hire of pitch, coaches for the kids, medical cover and hosting, raising funds is a major headache.

To put it into perspective, Gibraltar Dragons have been chosen to host the first concentration of under SG Hambros 13s, Ibex Insurance under 11s and under 9s on the 14th of Dec, we will be hosting almost a hundred kids plus coaches and parents, in excess of 150 people who we have to feed and water, which other sport has this opportunity to show how good Gibraltarian hospitality can be and we thank Volker Stevin for helping Gibraltar Dragons fly the flag for Gibraltar Rugby, this cost of this weekend could be in excess of £700 but by donating the polo shirts we can achieve this aim and move on.Our picture shows Kees Wendrich of VOLKER STEVIN with the VOLKER STEVIN Gibraltar Dragons under 17s team

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