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Local footballers say they have the right not to play for the Gibraltar team

A major row has erupted between clubs and players as to whether players are entitled not to play for the GFA selection.

Letters have been sent by the GFA Council suspending various players for non-participation in the GFA selection.

Sixteen clubs have come out in support of the players.
The clubs are Chelsea, Lincoln, Manchester United, Wanderers, College Cosmos, Pegasus, Glacis United, Laguna, Shamrock 101, South United, Sporting Club, Gibraltar United, Lions, St Joseph's, Lynx and Moroccan United.

The clubs say they support the right of all their players to choose not to train/play for the GFA selection. They reject the suspension of various players by the GFA Council for choosing not to train/play for the GFA selection and call for a lifting of the suspensions of all affected players with immediate effect.

The clubs also call for an immediate extra-ordinary general meeting of the GFA.
Further, Chelsea, Laguna, Glacis United, Manchester United, Gibraltar United, Lincoln, Shamrock 101, Lions and St Joseph's, and their reserve teams, say they will not be fulfilling their fixtures until such time as an extra-ordinanry general meeting takes place.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    I speak as a suspended player myself, the reason which i gave for not being able to play for the GFA was ignored. I had just started a new job when i was called up for the GFA, this job consisted of shift works, therefore i simply could not commit myself 100% as requested from the GFA manager. Apart from that i was not entitled to enough leave in order to travel abroad with the GFA. If this is not a valid reason im afraid there is no valid reason for the GFA, i have not even been asked to produce a letter from my employer to prove this, which i can do so. Players which have to PAY to PLAY like us, should not be treated in this manner, as even proffesionals reject being selected to represent there country, even for the simple reason of not being happy with the manager, team etc. I think the GFA have gone a bit to far this time and honestly they have been making decisions such as these for many years now. It is time to finally put a stop to this, and if it takes a whole year without football let it be, anyway the league this year would have started a week ago and would have ended sometime march, due to GFA selection training yet another wrong decision.

    I hope Gibraltar realises what we footballers have to put up with!

    Jordan Perez

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