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Graham Hawkins continues to promote rugby in Gibraltar

From 12 youngsters turning up to the first training session at Westside school, to tag rugby at St Anne’s, to RFU level 1 coaching course to Gibraltar Dragons playing in the Spanish league, and now the first ever 7s tournament at Bayside school.

Rugby has climbed mountains in the last two years and all thanks to local dedicated people and a sports teacher who has vision.

Graham Hawkins recently appointed head of sports at Bayside has long been a supporter of rugby, realizing that not only was it a sport but also a life skill, rugby is a sport that has to be played by a TEAM and you have to have discipline and today was a fulfillment of something that has been dreamed of for a long time here in Gibraltar.

Bayside school has not only put rugby on the curriculum but has also held its first 7s inter house tournament, over 40 year 9 boys played an action packed hour of non stop, full on rugby, with ever facet of the game covered. Rucks ,maul, tackling, knock ons and the most important thing tries were in abundance.

Tempers were lost, tiredness was evident, but no one gave up. Over 300 points were scored and non stop running rugby ensued, organized chaos comes to mind, able overseen by Gibraltar Dragons coaches in the shape of Neil Wilson, Steve Bailey and Terry Blackburn, but as in all things there has to be a winner and there was only one winner and it was rugby.

However that’s not the full story with the 4 houses of Bayside all putting teams into the tournament, and although there were some no shows the ideal was achieved to introduce the sport to many, and make sure they enjoy.

After a hard session which the boys enjoyed there was the awarding of the 3 Owls year 9 7s trophy graciously sponsored by the 3 Owls of Irish Town which will become a annual event within the school, leading into year 8, and already year 10 and 11 are desperate to begin.

All thanks to Mr Hawkins, but as in all tournaments there has to be winners and the results were as follows.

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