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Squash: National team results from Euro Squash Championships

Gibraltar's National team have finished the group stages of the European Squash Championships, with three successive defeats, against some very tough opposition, which included: the hosts, Austria, as well as Israel, and Finland.

The toughest of their challenges was against the Finnish team that had the 13th seed Olli Tuominen, who ranks amongst one of the best players in the world and not just Europe.

The most noticeable scores were achieved by Christian Navas, Stephen Shacaluga who both managed to take a few points from some of the more experienced players. The other Gibraltarian players, Anthony Brindle, Nicholas De Haro and Carl Gomez also proved to be worthy opponents.

This has truly been a great experience for many of the Gibraltarian players, who are a young squad. They will therefore benefit greatly from their experience. This along with the strong competition they face in the Andalucian league means that our youg Gibraltarians will surely improve in their next European Championships and other competitions.

We must congratulate them in raising the Gibraltarian flag at such a prestigious event and wish them a safe and pleasant return to sunny Gibraltar.

Click here: to view all the games in the group stages of the competition as well as the group and individual results.

Click here: to view other results from the European Championships.


SportGibraltar is being upgraded

SportGibraltar would like to announce the exciting change to a new and improved website.

The move is due to the huge success of the trial version, which was using the Blogger platform. The new site will allow for easier navigation, with a more attractive interface than is currently being used.

All the enhanced features will not be visible from the off, however the interactiveness of the site will not only make an interesting read but will also be entertaining, with visitors being able to take part in polls, forums, chat rooms and many other funtions that will make visiting our website a truly Gibraltarian experience.

The name has also been modified to include the .com address, which will allow visitors to easily remember the site's location. The site however, will not be up and running until advised on this site. As a consequence of this improvement, you may see a reduced amount of traffic on the current site.

We hope you enjoy the new site's exciting functionality.

With thanks



Darts: Mediterranean Cup 2006

The Med Cup is the premiere event for all countries from or having links with the Mediterranean. This year countries participating will be Italy (current winners), Greece, France (this years hosts “Grandville / Normandy”), Cyprus, Malta, Luxembourg (at France's invitation) will play Gibraltar's best.

The format used in the competition is to play a team, pairs and singles event (both men and ladies). Each giving adequate points that are accumulated and added up to confirm which country wins the Gold, Silver or Bronze medals.

The men selected to compete for Gibraltar are as follows: (left to right) & rank number in Gibraltar League.
Dylan Duo (1), George Federico (3), Justin Broton (2), Alan Kimberley (5) Francis Taylor (4)

The men selected to compete for Gibraltar are as follows: Right Photo (left to right) & rank number in Gibraltar...
Erika Ward (1), Sue Parody (2).

We must congratulate the Gibraltar Darts Association for providing online viewers with such a splendid website:

Click here: to find out more about how the local league is progresing and lots more.


Squash: Gibraltar host round four of the Andalucian league.

There were 41 entries in this years Andulcian Tournament, 8 of the entries were from the Gibraltar Squash Club. Anthony Brindle, Nicky De Haro, Christian Navas, Steven Shacaluga, Carl Gomez, Joe Duo, Mark Teweksbury and Joel Samuels.

In the Main Competition Anthony, Nicky, Christian and Steven made it to the last sixteen, Anthony carried on to the semis losing to Marcus Hall the number 1 seed 3-2. Credit must also be given to Steven who took a game of Marcus Hall losing 3-1 in the 3rd round. In the Finals Marcus Hall beat Jose Carper 3 -0.

In the Plate Competition both Mark Teweksbury and Joel Samuels made it to the semis Mark Tewkesbury beat Manolo Aguilar 3-0 and Pedro Rios beat Joel Samuels 3-1. Mark beat Pedro Rios 3-1 in the final of the plate competition.

Congratulations to all the members of the Gibraltar squash association who made the event a success. We look forward to hosting next year's local event and wish the Gibraltar players success in their remaining matches of the Andalucian league.

Click here: to visit Squash Andalusia's website

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Rythmic Gymnastics: Exceptional Results in Manilva

Once again the Gibraltar Rhythmic Gymnastics Association, continue to improve on their winning record.This time they have done so with distinction at the V Torneo de Gimnasia Ritmica “Villa de Manilva”.The event was organised by the Delegación de Juventud y Deportes del Excmo Ayto Manilva, which was held in their new sports hall.

The competition attracted over 600 gymnasts from nine schools / clubs from around the region as well as Ceuta.

Teams from Fuengirola, Alhourin De La Torre, San Roque, Tesorrillo, La
Linea, Algeciras, Ceuta, Gibraltar and Manilva all took part, competing in both the group and individual disciplines. The event was a marathon session, with activities extending from the morning through to the afternoon.

The Gibraltar team took 61 gymnasts to Manilva, to compete in the
pre- benjamin, benjamin, alevin, infantil and senior age groups.

The Gibraltar school gymnasts, under the direction of the Technical
Director and National Coach Sally Holmes achieved the following exceptional
results :

Individual Events
Gold medals (trophy) in the “A” Infantil section “Copa de Andalucia
Chloe Vaughan in the Hoop discipline.
Gold medal (trophy) in the “B”Junior section
Arian Barton in the Ball discipline.

Silver medal in the “B” Infantil section
Georgina Jackson in the Ball discipline.
Bronze medal in the “B” Benjamin section
Siân Holmes in Free-Exercises discipline.

Bronze medal in the “B” Pre-Benjamin section
Alexandra Ballentine in Free-Exercises discipline.

Group Events
Bronze medal in the Benjamin Groups section
Free-Exercises discipline.
Siân Holmes, Shannon Victory, Olivia Jones, Christina Linares, Alexandra Ballentine
Bronze medal Junior- Senior Groups section
Ball discipline: Naomi Sercombe, Arian Barton, Georgina Cassar,Candice Marsh, Lauren Muriel

Significant result at Puerto de Santa Maria

At the other event on Saturday that the Gibraltar Rhythmic Gymnastics
Association School participated in no podium positions were achieved, however some notable results were achieved.

The competition at the Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz) was an “A” Level
competition where a total of sixteen schools and clubs from around the
Cadiz region took part. This competition was one of the most important
that the Association has participated in. Despite this fact, we were still able to bring home a couple of significant results.

Nicola Bosio came 4th in the Infantil Hoop discipline.
Gabriella Gracia came 6th at the same discipline.
A remarkable achievement by these two gymnasts proving the progression
that the Association school is achieving.

We must congratulate Gibraltar’s gymnasts on producing some exceptional results.
The girls are truly flying the flag for Gibraltar and making us all very proud of their fantastic achievements.
Well done girls!

SportGibraltar would like to thank Richard Bear for the article. Richard would also like to inform everyone that: "this coming Sunday we are travelling to Ceuta, to compete at the "Torneo Perla del Mediteraneo". It will be a tough competition. We are taking over 16 gymnasts from benjamin to juniors."

Please e-mail Richard Bear at: if you are interested in joining or know of anyone who would like to become a member.

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Netball: End of season presentations

Next week will see the Netball league's culmination, with the end of season presentations at the Victoria Stadium. As in other years there will be trophies for league winners and runners up ineach age group together with medals for all participants and some individual trophies. Moira would like to:

"urge all teams to come along for this special event".

Victoria Junior League Matches

26-4-06 5.00pm S A M S -v- St Christophers Red Hawks/B Babes
26-4-06 5.30pm Red Hawks -v- Ball Babes SAMS/St Chris
26-4-06 6.00pm Red Hawks -v- Yellow Hawks committee
3-5-06 5.00pm Red Hawks -v- St Christophers committee
3-5-06 5.30pm Pink Panthers -v- Flaming Hot Marble Arc/101
3-5-06 6.00pm Marble Arc G -v- 101 P Panthers/F Hot

Click here: To visit visit the International Netball Federation's website
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Athletics: Gibraltar to host a major Grand Prix event

Gibraltar's Amateur Athletics Association (GAAA) will be hosting a Grand Prix event in Gibraltar on: 28th October 2006
International "Rock of Gibraltar" Mountain Race (WMRA Grand Prix race Gibraltar).

The race will start from Queensway Quay and end at the top of The Rock. It is an 11km race for men and an 8km race for women. Participants will be arriving from all over the world, including Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Germany and many others as well as having our local racers taking part. The hosting of this event is significant in as much as an exception has been made to the standard requirement, of a typical mountain racing circuit. This is so in as much as the usual requirements are that the track is not paved. The fact that the IAAF has brushed this issue aside, reflects the trust and value that they place on Gibraltar being able to host a successful event. We must thank Freddie for his outstanding effort in clinching this great opportunity for sport on Gibraltar and for the tireless work he continues to
provide our athletes on The Rock.

Speaking to Freddie Chappory (President GAAA) over the Easter break, he stated he was proud of the fact Gibraltar was to host such a major event. Such an event however, does not come cheaply and Freddie is in the process of trying to find as many sponsors as possible to help support such a high profile event. Please feel free to contact Freddie to find out how you can help:

Gibraltar Amateur Athletic Association
Mr F Chappory President

41 Alert House,
Varyl Begg Estate.

Gibraltar TEL NO (350) 52200.

The Italian Athletic Federation through the World Mountain Running Association has invited GAAA to send a team composed of boys and girls (age 16 & 17) to the World Youth Team Challenge being held in the Susa Valley, near Turin, on 25 June 2006. A qualifying time trial will be held on Saturday 29th April starting from Jumpers (Rosia Road) and finishing at the top cable car station. The race starts at 6.00pm registration commences at 5.30 pm.

Click here: to view some of the other Mountain Running events scheduled

Below are the results of the final youth track meeting which was held on 10 April together with the final league table.


100M -10 April 2006
Position Name Time
1 Graham Torrilla 16.96
2 Kelvin Morgan 17.83
3 Luke Buxton 17.87
4 Morris Figueras 17.87
5 Soufian Arrais 19.37
6 Abdulah Ahammed 19.80
7 Ayoub Arrais 19.94
8 Chris Fortuna 22.36
Boys age 10 and under - 800M

Position Name Time
1 Karl Baldachino 2:52.22
2 Jack Green 2:52.32
3 Thomas Palao 2:53.06
4 Thomas Yome 3:10.82
5 Steve Guerrero 3:17.20
6 Christian Piner 4:04.96
Girls age 10 and under - 800M

Position Name Time
1 Chloe Merrell 3:09.07
2 Tara-Leigh Williams 3:10.27
3 Tessa Britto 3:19.66
4 Cheryl Romero 3:32.07
5 Joanna Chichon 3:42.40
6 Zyanne Hook 4:02.53
Boys age 12 and under - 1000M

Position Name Time
1 Mikey Yome 3:37.94
2 Nicholas Bourne 3:46.50
3 Aaron Reguera 3:47.75
4 Jamie Reyes 3:51.70
5 Ian Ballantine 4:28.22
6 Daniel Baldachino 4:47.31
Girls age 12 and under - 1000M

Position Name Time
1 Dowua Ben Hamou 3:38.67
2 Jade Julian 3:54.47
Boys age 15 and under - 1000M

Position Name Time
1 Aaron Bagu 2:49.09
2 Andrew Cavilla 3:06.64
3 Julian Franco 3:10.10
4 Daniel Benitez 3:23.84
5 Tom Green 3:40.65
Girls age 15 and under - 1000M

Position Name Time
1 Kawtar Ahammed 4:18.87

8 AND UNDER BOYS 14/2/06 27/2/06 14/3/06 27/3/06 10/4/06

Name Pts Pts Pts Pts Pts Total
1 Kelvin Morgan 100 100 100 100 99 400
2 Graham Torrilla 99 99
99 100 397
3 Luke Buxton 96 98 99 97 98 392
4 Morris Figueras 95 97
96 97 385
5 A. Ahammed 97 94 96 95 95 383
6 Soufian Arrias 94 93 97 94 96 381
7 Ayoub Arrias 93
95 93 94 375
8 Chris Fortuna 92 92
92 93 369
9 Callum Cavilla 98 96

10 Brandon Morgan 92 91

11 Jai Dalmedo


12 Dayle Chappory

13 James Lavarello


Pos Name Pts Pts Pts Pts Pts Total
1 Emma Mosquera

100 100 100

Pos Name Pts Pts Pts Pts Pts Total
1 Karl Baldachino 100 100 99 100 100 400
2 Jack Green 99 99 100 98 99 397
3 Thomas Yome 97 96 98 97 97 389
4 Julian Warwick 94 94 96 95
5 Thomas Palao
99 98 295
6 C. Cardona 98 97 97

7 Steve Guerrero
96 96 287
8 Amin Maadome 96 93 95

9 Christian Piner 95

95 190
10 Liam Torrilla 93 92

11 Keelan Burrell


Pos Name Pts Pts Pts Pts Pts Total
1 Chloe Merrell 99 98 100 100 100 399
2 T-L Williams 100 100 99 99 99 398
3 Tessa Britto 96 96
98 98 388
4 Cheryl Romero 94 94 98 97 97 386
5 Joanna Chichon 95 95 97 96 96 384
6 K. Riddell 97 97

7 Clair Poggio

8 Z. Fernandez 98

9 Zyanne Hook

95 95

Pos Name Pts Pts Pts Pts Pts Total
1 Mikey Yome
100 100 100 100 400
2 Nicholas Bourne 99 98 99
99 395
3 Aaron Reguera 97 97 98 99 98 392
4 D. Baldachino 98 96 96 97 95 387
5 Jamie Reyes 94 94 95 96 97 382
6 Iain Ballantine 93 93
95 96 377
7 Keiron Hermida
95 97 98
8 Frank Warwick 95

9 Jerai Torres 100

10 Julian Dean

11 Charlie Ryder -




Pos Name Pts Pts Pts Pts Pts Total
1 D. Benhammou 100
100 100 100 400
2 Manal Halhoul 99 100 99 99
3 Jade Julian 98 99 98 98 99 394

Pos Name Pts Pts Pts Pts Pts Total
1 Aaron Bagu
99 100 100 100 399
2 Julian Franco 100 100 98 99 98 397
3 Andrew Cavilla 100 98 99
99 396
4 Daniel Benitez 98
97 98 97 390
5 Thomas Green 97
96 97 96 386

Pos Name Pts Pts Pts Pts Pts Total
1 Louise Gordon 100 100 100 99
2 K. Ahammed 99 98 98 97 100 395
3 Jean Napoli
99 99 98
4 G. Fernandez 98 97

5 Kim Baglietto


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Cricket: Season kicks of with a win against the Wombats from London

London visitors no match for local opposition.

The London Wombats played two matches over the Easter week-end, losing both by substantial margins. Highlights of Friday’s game were centuries by Steven Gonzalez and Christian Rocca, amazing figures of 4/1 by veteran Rudi Phillips and three victims for Kabir Mirpuri. Saturday saw local bowlers go to town as the visitors were dismissed for under 50.

GCA post big total.

GCA batted first on Friday and seemed to be heading for trouble as both openers were dismissed with only ten runs on the board. Gonzalez and Mirpuri then retrieved the situation with a second wicket partnership of 76 before the latter was bowled for 25. There followed the really big stand of the innings as Rocca joined Gonzalez and a further 145 runs accrued, both batsmen racing to individual three figure scores. The eventual departure of Gonzalez for 121 brought no respite to the London Wombats’s bowlers as Mirpuri kept Rocca company till the end of the allotted 45 overs, Rocca ending on 111 and Mirpuri on 42, in a final total of 327/4.

The London Wombats lost an early wicket before Bumper (35) and Edmonds (34) put on 58 for the second wicket. However, once these two departed the rest of the order had little resistance to offer as the side was dismissed for 142 in 33.4 overs.

Visitors collapse on Saturday.

London Wombats batted first on the Saturday and were dismissed for 47 in 25.2 overs, only Tulsi reaching double figures with 21. The GCA bowlers had a field day with Roy Rodgers returning figures of 2/8, Ross Harkins 2/6, Bob Brooks 3/9 and Sebastian Suarez 1/5. GCA lost two wickets before passing this modest total in just 6.5 overs.

Just back from Antwerp is GCA committee member and local umpire co-ordinator, Bob Lomax, where he attended a European CricketCouncil Championship Umpires’ Seminar, whilst Mark Bacarese had been selected to take part in the European Cricket Academy at La Manga Sports Club from the 17th. to the 24th. April. Sixteen players were selected from a large number of nominations, and the squad will be subsequently trimmed to thirteen who will represent the European Cricket Council in fixtures against the England U17’s and Warwickshire’s U19’s at the end of June. Click here: to view the players selected so far.

Wiggins/Benrimoj Shield.

The Wiggins/Benrimoj Shield competition gets under way on Saturday 29th. April with a fixture between Grammarians and GCC. Before that the Annual General Meeting and Registration night have to be announced.

Article written by -TJF

Click here: to read more about the GCA's forthcoming events

Click here: to read about the Australian Navy's game against a Gibraltar selection in 2005.

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Tennis: Amanda Carreras Gibraltar's young tennis prodigy

Amanda has stepped into the shoes of being one of the most successful tennis players ever to emerge from Gibraltar. Her rapid progress through the tennis world has produced some truly remarkable achievements. The fact that she is still young means that the number of achievments is not at its zenith.

Below is a player profile of Amanda providing us with an insight into her successes to date. Quite a feat considering she took up the sport at the relatively late age of 9:

Date Of Birth: 16th May 1990
Nationality: British National Rating: 3.1 UK Ratings
Age Started Playing: 9 years Racket Used: Wilson Hammer Tour
Highest ETA Ranking: 86 – 2005 Tennis Idol: Andy Roddick
Highest ITF Ranking: 548- 2005 Biggest Influence: Parents

Amanda is a highly ambitious and determined young lady who, though a late tennis starter has developed very consistently during the last 5 years. Her biggest assets are her speed and work endurance. Amanda is also a very keen athlete having participated to a very high standard in Athletic junior Competitions throughout the UK. Amanda currently resides (since September 2005) in the Sergi Bruguera Academy in Barcelona, Spain where she combines a gruelling 12-hour a day tennis and fitness schedule with education. She has now started competing in the WTA Ladies Professional Circuit. Tennis Giants Wilson who provides her with all her tennis equipment and clothing currently sponsors Amanda. She aims to make a living out of the sport she loves and to become a World Top 10 Tennis Player.

Career highlights to date
2002: Competition Venue Event Stage

ARIBA Cup Martinique Singles Winner
Cariba Cup Martinique Doubles Winner


Scottish Inter ETA Edinburgh Singles S/F
Scottish Inter ETA Edinburgh Doubles Winner
Solihull Inter ETA Birmingham Singles S/F
Solihull Inter ETA Birmingham Doubles Winner
Olympia Cup ETA Denmark Singles S/F
GLTK Chps ETA Sweden Singles S/F
Bournemouth Open Bournemouth 14 Singles Winner
Bournemouth Open Bournemouth 16 Singles Winner
UK Nationals Bournemouth 16 Singles Q/F
Alhourin Open Malaga, Spain 14 Singles Winner
Alhourin Open Malaga, Spain 16 Singles Runner Up
Gran Prix Finals La Manga, Spain 14 Singles Winner
Denmark ITF Denmark Singles Q/F


Latvia ITF Latvia Doubles S/F
Maidenhead Open Maidenhead UK 16 Singles Winner
St Albans Open St Albans UK 16 Singles Winner
Helsingborg ETA Sweden 14 Singles S/F
Small Island Games Gibraltar Singles S/F
Grand Prix Finals La Manga, Spain 16 singles Winner

Other Sporting Achievements

1. Represented Great Britain at the Karoro Cup U14 held in Croatia (August 2004).
2. Represented Oxfordshire in the National Junior Cross Country Finals (March 2003).
3. Oxfordshire Junior Cross country Champion (2001,2002).

Hobbies and interests

Other interests of mine include: football, athletics, listening to music, mobile phones, watching DVD’s with my friends, shopping. I also like to read and spend time relaxing with my family.

SportGibraltar would like to thank Amanda's father, Mark Carreras for providing Amanda's player profile.

Click here: to read a report from the Lawn Tennis Assocation on Amanda's win in La Manga (pictured)

Click here: to read more about Amanda's development

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Hockey: Hawks ladies prepare for Athens tournament

Hawks ladies hockey club, will be playing in the EuroHockey Club Champions Challenge in Greece. This competition should provide our local girls with some tough opposition.

They are currently training very hard to prepare themselves for this event, which will be heldin Greece. Our girls should have a slight advantage over their Northern European competitors who may not be as accustomed to playing in the Mediterranean climate. Their first match, however, will be in the cooler conditions of the late afternoon of Friday the 2nd of June, against the local side who will surely have plenty of support.

We look forward to hearing of some positive results from Athens.

EuroHockey Club Champions Challenge (Women)
Athens (GRE)
2nd – 5th June 2006
Rotweiss Wettingen (SUI)
Hawks HC (GIB)
HC Athenians (GRE)
HK Sveti Djordje (SCG)
Cambrai HC (FRA)
Wiener Neudorf (AUT)
Copenhagen (DEN)
KPH Raka (SVK)

Friday 2 June 2006
09.30 B Cambrai - KPH Raca
11.30 B Wiener Neudorf - Copenhagen
16.30 A Rotweiss Wettingen - Sveti Djorde
18.30 A Hawks - Athenians

Clcik here: to read how the minnows of Barbados fared in the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.
World Hockey website

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Squash: AON win the local Stella Artois League

AON Attack clinched the League on the final day of the season. They started the night with a seven point lead over ISIS and did enough to maintain a two point lead at the end of the night. ISIS applied pressure by obtaining all fifteen points after they beat Los Bujos (who eventually finished 5th), which left AON needing 9 points to win the League. Luckily for them, they managed to obtain 10 points against Baker Tilly with the following result:

Third Seed Gino De Haro (AON) beat Ian Collinson (Baker Tilly) by three games to nil.

Second Seed Mark Tewkesbury (AON) beat Charles Bottaro (Baker Tilly) by three games to nil.

First Seed Martin Lawrence (AON) lost to Steven Shacaluga (Baker Tilly) by three games to nil.

Two extra bonus points are obtained for matches won, so AON scored 10 points to Baker Tilly’s 5 points.

Final League standings for the STELLA ARTOIS SQUASH LEAGUE 2005/06.

Games Played
Aon Insurance
Los Bujos
Currency Centre
Mercedes Benz
Norwich & Peterborough
Baker Tilly Gibraltar
Automotive Enterprises

The Gibraltar Squash Association will be hosting an Andalucian Tournament this weekend, i.e. Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd April 2005 (venue will be the Gibraltar Squash Club). The event should start on Saturday at around 11:00hrs and continue for the rest of the day. Semi-finals and finals will be played on Sunday when the scheduled start will be 10:00hrs, finishing around 13:00hrs.

This will be the fourth time Gibraltar hosts an event in the Andalucian Calendar, although Gibraltarians have been participating in these events before that.

Past tournaments hosted in Gib have proved a big success and were very well attended. This is an individual event so no “teams” will be taking part, although we expect participants from all over Andalucia, even as far as Jaen and Almeria, with others coming from Cadiz, Marbella, Malaga, Seville, Jerez and more. Expectations are high that all the top Andalucian players (both men and ladies) will take part in the competition, including top local players. Number of entrants should be between 35 and 45 in total.

Anthony Brindle (Gib’s top player), aged seventeen is currently ranked fourth in the Andalucian circuit……we hope he has a good draw and can reach the semi-finals (at least)!!!

On a different note, a five man team (and two coaches) will be participating in the European Squash Team Championships to be held in Vienna from Wed 26th Apr to Sat 29th Apr. The Gib team will be playing Finland, Israel and Austria in the first round (round robin).

SportGibraltar would like to thank Nicholas De Haro for his report.

Click here: T o read more about squash in general

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