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Hockey: Hawks ladies prepare for Athens tournament

Hawks ladies hockey club, will be playing in the EuroHockey Club Champions Challenge in Greece. This competition should provide our local girls with some tough opposition.

They are currently training very hard to prepare themselves for this event, which will be heldin Greece. Our girls should have a slight advantage over their Northern European competitors who may not be as accustomed to playing in the Mediterranean climate. Their first match, however, will be in the cooler conditions of the late afternoon of Friday the 2nd of June, against the local side who will surely have plenty of support.

We look forward to hearing of some positive results from Athens.

EuroHockey Club Champions Challenge (Women)
Athens (GRE)
2nd – 5th June 2006
Rotweiss Wettingen (SUI)
Hawks HC (GIB)
HC Athenians (GRE)
HK Sveti Djordje (SCG)
Cambrai HC (FRA)
Wiener Neudorf (AUT)
Copenhagen (DEN)
KPH Raka (SVK)

Friday 2 June 2006
09.30 B Cambrai - KPH Raca
11.30 B Wiener Neudorf - Copenhagen
16.30 A Rotweiss Wettingen - Sveti Djorde
18.30 A Hawks - Athenians

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