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Juniour Football: Latest results

The games played on Sunday were the postponed fixture, games are normally played on a Saturday with this week's exception.

Under 7

Group A:
Newcastle Black 4 v 1 College Cosmos
Lions R&J 10 v 0 lions Admiral Security
Gib Utd Form-a-co p v p Man Utd Gibtelecom

Group B
Newcastle White 4 v 0 Gib Utd Oesco
Rock Cosmos 0 v 3 Combined Services
Glacis Utd 3 v 2 Newcastle Red

Under 9

Group A:
St Jospeh's S.O.R.T 2 v 6 St Joseph's Bell Pharmacy
Combined Services 1 v 10 Gib Utd Deloitte

Group B:
Lions Toyota 1 v 9 Gib Utd BMI
Glacis Utd 2 v 6 Newcastle Black
Gib Utd JBS 11 v 1

Under 11

Group A:
Man Utd Garpon 4 v 2 St Jospeh's Wiltrans
Lions Angling Centre 3 v 0 Gib Utd Pascoe
Combined Services 9 v 2 Gib Utd Roller Pet Shop

Group B:
Man Utd Marrache a& Co 8 v 4 Gib Utd FC
Gib Utd Hire-U-Shop 3 v 2 Lions PCA

The boys have a well deserved break over Easter this week but will be back in action on the 22nd April.

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