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Netball: Ladies in action in Workaholics Tournament

The Workaholics Tournament was played on the 6th of April at the Tercentenary Sports Hall.

The tournament was a well contested and extremely well organised affair. The admirable job that the committee of the Netball Association provide for their members is exemplary. Everything was covered from the winners' trophies, to the music played during the intervals. The ladies have certainly been putting a lot of work into making netball in Gibraltar the success story it is. It is proof that where there is a will there is a way. Many sports in Gibraltar would benefit from the startegies the ladies have put in place to achieve the high levles of participation, not only from women but even from the mixed events that they also organise and by all accounts are eagerly contested by most males with an "eagerness" that is perhaps not seen in the women's game.

The prelimenary games to the final were all hotly contested finals with great end to end action. The standard of netball played with a commendable level of quality. Most importantly the games were played in a great sporting atmosphere. There was little to no malice in the games and everyone was supportive of each other, whether as opposition or rivals.

It would be great to see the Gibraltar netball association continue to improve and consider entering a team for the next Commonwealth games a prospect that surely is well withing their reach.

The eventual winners of the tournament were Baker Tilly, who beat Finsbury Trust by 12-7. Well done to Baker Tilly and we wish them and the other teams the best of luck in the forthcoming events.

Winners of the best player were as follows:

Best Player
Giovanca Menez
Runner Up
Annette Brittenden

Best Effort
Emily Olivera

Most potential:

Annette Brittenden - Finsbury
Sonia Santos - St Joseph's
Kerry Scott - Westside
Natalie Charvetto - Hassans

Emma Serruya - Natwest
Gaynor Coleing - Barclays
Lourdes Ghio - Bassadone
Alison Avellano - Bayside
Nancy De La Rosa - Bishop Fitzgerald School

Gibraltar Netball Association

"Workaholics" Tournament - Results



Victoria Stadium

Team Score -V- Team Score
Group A Pts GF GA Goal Diff
Baker Tilly 12 -V- Bassadone 6
Baker Tilly 6 20 13 7
Barclays 8 -V- Bayside 2
4 14 9 5
Bishop Fitz 1 -V- Finsbury 9
Bishop Fitz
0 4 17 -13
Natwest 4 -V- Hassans 6
6 16 3 13
Que Corte 3 -V- Westside 11
Que Corte! 0 5 18 -13
Barclays 8 -V- St Josephs 9
4 18 11 7
Bassadones 8 -V- Bishop Fitz 3

Bayside 2 -V- Hassans 4

Group B Pts GF GA Goal Dif

4 16 11 5
Tercentenary Hall

1 4 12 -8
Team Score -V- Team Score
Hassans 6 10 6 4
Finsbury 7 -V- Que Corte 2
Natwest 1 4 14 -10
Natwest 0 -V- St Joseph's 8
St Joseph's
6 17 8 9
Baker Tilly 8 -V- Westside 7


Finsbury 8 -V- Hassans 2

St Joseph's 5 -V- Baker Tilly 7

3rd & 4th Place

Hassans 7 -V- St Joseph's 2


Finsbury 7 -V- Baker Tilly 12

Baker Tilly

Runner Up -->


3rd Place -->


4th Place -->

St Joseph's

Best Player -->

G. Menez

Runner Up -->


Best Effort -->

E. Olivera


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