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Rythmic Gymnastics: Exceptional Results in Manilva

Once again the Gibraltar Rhythmic Gymnastics Association, continue to improve on their winning record.This time they have done so with distinction at the V Torneo de Gimnasia Ritmica “Villa de Manilva”.The event was organised by the Delegación de Juventud y Deportes del Excmo Ayto Manilva, which was held in their new sports hall.

The competition attracted over 600 gymnasts from nine schools / clubs from around the region as well as Ceuta.

Teams from Fuengirola, Alhourin De La Torre, San Roque, Tesorrillo, La
Linea, Algeciras, Ceuta, Gibraltar and Manilva all took part, competing in both the group and individual disciplines. The event was a marathon session, with activities extending from the morning through to the afternoon.

The Gibraltar team took 61 gymnasts to Manilva, to compete in the
pre- benjamin, benjamin, alevin, infantil and senior age groups.

The Gibraltar school gymnasts, under the direction of the Technical
Director and National Coach Sally Holmes achieved the following exceptional
results :

Individual Events
Gold medals (trophy) in the “A” Infantil section “Copa de Andalucia
Chloe Vaughan in the Hoop discipline.
Gold medal (trophy) in the “B”Junior section
Arian Barton in the Ball discipline.

Silver medal in the “B” Infantil section
Georgina Jackson in the Ball discipline.
Bronze medal in the “B” Benjamin section
Siân Holmes in Free-Exercises discipline.

Bronze medal in the “B” Pre-Benjamin section
Alexandra Ballentine in Free-Exercises discipline.

Group Events
Bronze medal in the Benjamin Groups section
Free-Exercises discipline.
Siân Holmes, Shannon Victory, Olivia Jones, Christina Linares, Alexandra Ballentine
Bronze medal Junior- Senior Groups section
Ball discipline: Naomi Sercombe, Arian Barton, Georgina Cassar,Candice Marsh, Lauren Muriel

Significant result at Puerto de Santa Maria

At the other event on Saturday that the Gibraltar Rhythmic Gymnastics
Association School participated in no podium positions were achieved, however some notable results were achieved.

The competition at the Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz) was an “A” Level
competition where a total of sixteen schools and clubs from around the
Cadiz region took part. This competition was one of the most important
that the Association has participated in. Despite this fact, we were still able to bring home a couple of significant results.

Nicola Bosio came 4th in the Infantil Hoop discipline.
Gabriella Gracia came 6th at the same discipline.
A remarkable achievement by these two gymnasts proving the progression
that the Association school is achieving.

We must congratulate Gibraltar’s gymnasts on producing some exceptional results.
The girls are truly flying the flag for Gibraltar and making us all very proud of their fantastic achievements.
Well done girls!

SportGibraltar would like to thank Richard Bear for the article. Richard would also like to inform everyone that: "this coming Sunday we are travelling to Ceuta, to compete at the "Torneo Perla del Mediteraneo". It will be a tough competition. We are taking over 16 gymnasts from benjamin to juniors."

Please e-mail Richard Bear at: if you are interested in joining or know of anyone who would like to become a member.

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