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Football: Gibraltar's petition has been sent to UEFA's Executive Committee members.

The Support the Gibraltar Football Association's fight to join UEFA Petition to UEFA 's Executive Committee has been sent.

The petition has been sent to all the Executive Committe members, individually as well as to the Executive Committee's e-mail address.

You will still be able to continue adding signatures to the petition as this will close on the 7th of December.

Please place any comments with regards to the letter or petition in our forum.

Dear Sirs

I am writing to you with regards to Gibraltar’s UEFA application, which is being decided on by UEFA's Executive Committee, between the 7th-8th December.

As you are fully aware, the decision on Gibraltar’s membership is at hand. A petition to fight for Gibraltar’s right to UEFA membership has been compiled with over 1,200 signatures. I have enclosed a link to the petition and would appreciate your time to review and acknowledge our passionate plea.

Gibraltarians as well as many people from around the world have been very vocal in their discontent towards Spain’s persistent bullying tactics when blocking Gibraltar’s rightful place within the UEFA family. The message from the signatories, including many Spaniards, clearly states that the mixing of politics and sport is unacceptable.

The creation of an online petition has originated from the dismay at UEFA’s reluctance to accept Gibraltar despite the CAS ruling. This ruling clearly states Gibraltar’s right of membership within UEFA, irrespective of any territorial claim. We feel that UEFA’s slogan of “Fair Play” has not been adhered to and that the politics Spain continually brings to the Executive Committee’s decisions should no longer be tolerated.

We have placed an application for UEFA membership in the genuine interests of our footballers and fans. The response has left us feeling not only as second rate footballers but also as European outcasts. We the signatories of the petition therefore urge you to adhere to the CAS ruling and accept Gibraltar forthwith. The people of Gibraltar should no longer be the only people of Europe to be excluded from European football. The youth of Gibraltar deserve the right to have the opportunity to progress their football ambitions no matter how small the nation.

It is now your opportunity to read through our signatories’ comments and grasp our desire for Gibraltar to be granted its right to UEFA membership. Please open your arms and welcome Gibraltar’s footballers into the UEFA family. In the words of UEFA’s Vice President, Mr Villar, “football should be a source of both unity and solidarity.” Surely, these principals of unity and solidarity should be applied equally to Gibraltar as well as other UEFA member countries.

We therefore await and appreciate your careful consideration and subsequent inclusion of Gibraltar into UEFA.

Yours sincerely

The undersigned:

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