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Gibraltar's sporting news in Brief

Tenpin Bowling: Results from the 42 World Cup held in Venezuela between 4th -10th November 2006: Graham Coles finished in 65th place out of 88.
Julie Jackson finished in 68th place out of73 participants.

UEFA Petition: Heading towards the 5,000 mark as an extra 172 signatures have been added today (total 672). Keep them coming. please. (e-mail the petition to as many people as possible).

Marathon Kayaker: Now in Gibraltar. "Just want to thank you for the help. I am sending my passport back to SA with Fed X to re-issue all my visas...Will take about 3 weeks to get this done ,so untill then it means i am stuck here...Might try and get a little job on a fishing boat in return for accomadation...Not the cheapest place for a poor man from the sea..haha...(read previous articles for main story). " If anyone can help please e-mail Werner at

"So I am happy to say all is well and Brian here in the Marina has been amazing and a great help. Thank you for what you have done mate...Really,it means a lot to me. Thank you."

Football: Junior Lightning Tournament on the 28th December, clubs interested should contact GFA offices or Richard Manning at 58654000 for details by the 25th November.

Hockey: Superstar Glenn Kirkham, from the Alford area (UK), has won Sports Personality of the Year at the Lincolnshire Sports Awards. Glenn is enjoying a rest period before travelling to Gibraltar in December to begin early preparations for the 2008 Olympics.

Football: A whistleblower from Chandler's Gibraltar HQ has claimed that the managers placed bets on matches and competitions in which their clubs were involved, in breach of football's regulations. It remains unclear if the source has provided enough evidence to convince a judge that the story is in the public interest. In the absence of evidence, Chandler's legal team will argue that his clients' accounts should remain private.

Darts: As most darts players are probably aware (from the calendar / website and booklets) that the 1st Ranking tournament will be this coming Friday 17th November.

Registration at 8-8:30pm at College Cosmos, Remember although it is FREE to enter that you still need to register on the night.

Many thanks and I hope to see you all up there.

Justin Broton.
GDA President

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