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Netball: Mixed Competition

Correction to yesterday's post

Gibraltar Netball Association

“Mixed” Netball Challenge

On Wednesday 31st May and Wednesday 7th June 2006

At the Victoria Stadium

Teams must consist of 3 Men and 4 Women

₤40.00 Team Entry Fee

Closing date for entries: 26th May 2006.

Hurry Limited Number of Entries!!!!!!

For further details ring Moira on 41795
(e-mail if you would like a registration form)

Netball is a sport not traditionally played by men. It must be said however, that netball is a highly competitive, demanding and most importantly fun sport, which can be enjoyed by both sexes. One of the organisers for netball in Gibraltar, mentioned that the men are usually the ones that are a little bit too "competitive" at times.

It is certainly an enjoyable sport to play or watch, so why not make a team up or simply call Moira if you are interested in taking up the sport.

The event will surely be a great day out for everyone involved.

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