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Handball: Is being re-launched once again in Gibraltar

In a statement announcing the re-launch today, GHBA President David Martinez said their first main objective is to field a squad for the forthcoming Strait Games to be held in Gibraltar next year.

The GHBA has only just received sponsorship from Barclays Bank Gibraltar for the purchase of some equipment. They would like to thanks Barclays for their support.

The GHBA said they are very keen to recruit new members, especially children up to the age of 12, who would be interested in learning and playing handball. Handball proved to be very popular during the 70’s and the Association hopes to once again revive local interest in this fast moving, dynamic and exciting sport.

The GHBA has big plans for the future and has been busy gaining support from some professional clubs, which are lending their support to the development of handball, in Gibraltar.

Anyone interested or who would like more information should contact Gibraltar Handball Association President David Martinez on 54001650/58009340 or 44452 or email: Gibraltar Handball Association


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