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Football: Man UTD win Pepe Reyes Cup and round up of results so far in Gibraltar

We are now heading into the second month of the 2006-2007 leagues, in Gibraltar. Newcastle, last years winners are in joint second place, with Glacis UTD. Newcastle, will surely want to avenge their earlier defeat at the hands of Manchester United, in the Pepe Reyes Cup, which saw the match end in a one all draw, after extra time.

Manchester United then went on to win in a thrilling, penalty shoot out, where the final score was 4-2.

Results round up:

First Division: Click here to view league standings.

07-Oct 6pm Manchester United 1 V 1 St.Joseph's FC
07-Oct 8pm Newcastle FC 1 V 1 Glacis United
14-Oct 6pm St.Joseph's FC 1 V 2 Newcastle FC
14-Oct 8pm Glacis United 2 V 1 Gibraltar United

Second Division: Click here to view league standings.

02-Oct 6.15pm St.Joseph's Res 2 V 4 Newcastle Res
02-Oct 8pm Gibraltar United Res 3 V 1 Glacis Res
04-Oct 6.15pm Wanderers FC 6 V 8 Lions FC
04-Oct 8pm Laguna FC 1 V 0 Gib Pilots
05-Oct 8pm Manchester United Res 2 V 1 College Cosmo
09-Oct 6.15pm Newcastle Res 3 V 0 Wanderers
09-Oct 8pm Glacis Res 2 V 1 St.Joseph's Res
10-Oct 6.15pm College Cosmo 1 V 2 Gibraltar United Res
10-Oct 8pm Gib Pilots 1 V 3 Manchester United Res
11-Oct 8pm Lions FC 3 V 1 Laguna FC
16-Oct 6.15pm Newcastle Res 3 V 0 Glacis Res
16-Oct 8pm St.Joseph's Res 4 V 0 College Cosmo

Third division: Click here to view league standings.

05-Oct 6.15pm Pegasus FC 4 V 2 Leo's Santos & Sons
08-Oct 4pm Moroccan United 1 V 1 Lions Res
08-Oct 6pm Rock Cosmo 5 V 5 Bayside FC
11-Oct 6.15pm Sporting Club Gibraltar 0 V 2 Europort FC
12-Oct 6.15pm College Res 2 V 1 Red Devil's Netgear
12-Oct 8pm Chelsea FC 0 V 11 Shamrock 101 FC
15-Oct 4pm Leo's Santos & Sons 4 V 1 Moroccan United
15-Oct 6pm Bayside FC 1 V 3 Pegasus FC

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