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Darts: Lifeline Edwards Charity Event Results

Last Friday's Charity event saw yet another great night of darts, all in aid of charity.

Photo: A group photo of some of those less camera shy participants who enjoyed a good night of darts.

What a night! With just a few days to the start of the season, it can definitely be said that those that weren’t there missed out. We witnessed some of the best games thrown on the rock for quite some time and that is a promising start to what is still to come this year.

Please remember that the Lifeline Edward Charity event was played for a final time as mentioned in previous articles. All Charity events will be amalgamated into one, which will be the “GBC Open Day” darts charity day.

There where eight 180’s thrown in total on the night (5 x Dylan Duo, 2 x Justin Broton, 1 x Henry Zapata) and the highest checkout thus far this season of 158 (T20, T20, D19) by Alan “The Bulldog” Kimberley. Countless 18 darters or less darts being reported left right and centre and a good few 12 to 14 darters which reinforces that darts in Gibraltar is stronger than ever.
In fact this level of play is worthy for any International event Gibraltar might participate in the near future. So all in all its good news for the darting fraternity.

Justin Broton though 2nd last year in the rankings is starting to show why exactly he earned that position by taking his 1st win so early on in the season.

A round robin was played between the 16 players that took part and then the top 2 from each group proceeded to the knockout stages.

Yet again new faces arrived to play that night like Mark Thompson who works in Gibraltar but resides in Spain and travels into Gibraltar to participate. Also other players attended who are getting back into the swing of things like Dyson Parody (has been ranked 1 in Gib in previous years).
The players that qualified to the knockout stage are shown below:

Jadrian Pecino, Dylan Duo, Alan Kimberley, Dyson Parody, Henry Zapata, Stefan Federico, Justin Broton, Danny Peach, Nicholas Cumbo

In the final, between Dylan Duo and Justin Broton(pictured right being presented trophy by Mark Thompson.) Dylan won the throw at the bull, yet again (whoever is closest throws first) and Justin’s words were, “oh here we go again” (or so he thought). Despite losing that advantage, Dylan won the 1st leg but Justin quickly fought back to make it 1-1.

In the 3rd leg Justin was struggling and had 214 points left and Dylan was sitting quite comfortably on an outshot, however Justin scored a good 174 (T20, T20, T18) to leave double 20 and took his chance on his next throw by hitting tops with his 3rd dart to make it 2-1 in his favour.

In what we know now was to be the last leg Justin played a good 14 dart leg to win the game and trophy

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