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Tenpin Bowling: Spain denied hosting Eueopean Champions Cup 2007 due to their actions against Gibraltar

The Spanish Government has instructed its sports federations not to participate in Championships where players from Gibraltar also participate.

As a consequence of this, it is not possible for Spain to host the European Champions Cup 2007. Fortunately we have found the Luxembourg Federation prepared to take over. It was the intention from Luxembourg to host the ECC 2008, but fortunately for all of us they were able and willing to do it already in 2007.

The ECC 2007 will be conducted in Inter Bowling in Foetz, Luxemburg from 17-23 September 2007, which is one week earlier than the original scheduled period in Spain.

The ETBF Presidium is very grateful to the Luxembourg federation for their willingness to take over at such a short notice.

16 October 2006
Kim Thorsgaard Jensen

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