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Football: Laguna FC kick off second division today against Gib Pilots

Laguna FC kicks off the second division today against Gib Pilots, who were promoted from the third division after comfortably deafeating most of their opposition. Victories which included a 12-0 drubbing of College Cosmos. The game therefore promises ot be quite a challenge for the 2005/06 winners of the Second Division Cup (Laguna FC celebrations after winning the 2nd Division Cup).

Good luck to both teams on their respective endeavours to reach the much vaunted first division. There is certainly a lot to play for this year as if either team were to go up, well who knows they might actually play the real Man U in Old Trafford, there is therefore a lot to play for.

Below are Laguna FC's forthcoming matches:

11/10/2006 Lions FC
18/10/2006 Wanderers
25/10/2006 Man Utd Res
31/10/2006 Gib Utd Res
08/11/2006 St Josephs Res
14/11/2006 Newcastle Res
20/11/2006 Glacis Res
27/11/2006 College Cosmos
06/12/2006 Gib Pilots
13/12/2006 Lions FC
20/12/2006 Wanderers

Click here: to visit Laguna FC's website.

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