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Ju Jitsu: Gibraltarians win two gold medals in UNIJA Championships

The Gibraltar Bushido Ju Jitsu Academy has returned from the United Nations Course and Championships in South African Sun City proudly adorned with two Gold Medals won in individual competitions, Empty Hand (Katas) and Weapons (Kata), beating competitors from countries such as the United States and Great Britain.

Sensei Dylan Bocarisa defended a Gold medal in the Weapons Kata, won last year in Ireland (Letterkenny), making it Gold two years in a row.

Sensei Tony, senior Chief Instructor of the Academy, won Gold in the Empty Hand Kata, another win in a tough Masters Competition.

“We have made the Bushido Ju Jitsu Academy of Great Britain proud of our achievements by winning two Gold Medals against very strong and experienced Ju Jitsukas from seven different countries".

“We have made history for Gibraltar as very high standards are required at this world level of competition; we have been training very hard for the last 12 months and it only took 90 seconds of competition time. So the commitment and amount of dedication in training hours are very demanding, but if you want to have the results we have had you must be prepared to fully commit yourself to very hard and dedicated hours in training to at least perform well."

“We have met with old friends and have now met new ones at this prestigious championship and course.”

Sensei Tony was one of the visiting Masters from abroad with a very impressive knowledge of and background in Ju Jitsu. Sensei Tony went through six matted areas from a total of twelve and taught his skills at a very high standard to which all participants acknowledged at the end of the course; he also received congratulations from the rest of the Masters for a job well done.

Sensei Tony was also an official Ref and Judge in the competitions which took place during Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th September 2006.

The team were in the Sun City resort in South Africa but reported that as there was so much work to do there was unfortunately very little time for leisure for the Gibraltar team.

During the trip, official meetings were held at which decisions were taken by the UNJJA senior Founder members to which Sensei Tony is now very well recognised for the hard work being done by Gibraltar delegates in promoting Gibraltar and the art of Ju Jitsu worldwide.

“I would like to express my most sincere gratitude for the wonderful treatment by our friends and hosts Sensei Sam Tomkin 7th Dan Ju Jitsu senior representative for the South African Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association, and not forgetting Mrs Fiona Tomkin” said Sensei Tony.

“We are now looking forward to the 2007 Congress, which will be held in Greece, and we will be taking a team of about 20 including children and adults as international competitors to represent Gibraltar at the United Nations Ju Jitsu Annual Congress. It will be the first time we will be taking a full team from Gibraltar to the UNJJA course and championships.

“We now have a lot of work to concentrate on in the preparation for this world championship, in order to do well and place Gibraltar further on the world map of Ju Jitsu.”

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