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Basketball: GABBA's boys beat Promaga to bring home their first victory in the Cadiz league

Last week (17 February) saw the GABBA Pasarelle boys finally achieve their first victory. Their victory was achieved in great style as they beat their opposition by two points in a nail biting finish.

The Gibraltarian team had to date not won a match in this competition but have been training hard and certainly been eager to claim their first victory. The result was certainly a fair one as they had been ahead from the first period through to the fourth. Promaga from La Linea, to their credit, managed to crawl back and late into the last quarter were on even points. It was the sheer determination of the GABBA boys that kept them in the game and saw them through to the the final hooter.

The game saw some great end to end action, with the GABBA coach having to make vital changes throughout, in order to keep his boys on their toes. Rules of the competition state that all players are not allowed to play their best players in all quarters, which leads to all players getting court time.

The game was not without its controversy as the Promaga coach and the visiting crowd, challenged many of the Gibraltarian umpire's decisions. The umpiring was however, of a very good standard and their many years of experience and FIBA qualifications were testimony to the fairness upheld by Gibraltarians within the sport.

The boys were ecstatic after the game and celebrated with hugs jumps and punches in the air. This was certainly a joy to see as was the great atmosphere throughout the game. would strongly recommend that they go and watch any of the basketball matches down at the Tercentenary Hall.

We wish the boys the best of luck and is certain that they will take this victory as an excellent sign of things to come.

One incident, which did mar the event, was the manner in which I was treated (Robert Azopardi) by one of the umpires at the end of the game. Once the game was over, I made my way down to the court in order to take a picture of the winning side and to speak to their coach, in order to ask about their progress and so forth. I was, however rudely told to get off the court otherwise I would be thrown out of the Hall and never be allowed back. This was despite my having white soled shoes, which was the excuse for my not being allowed on.

I tried, politely to explain the reason for my being there. The gentleman in question was the umpire and head of sport in Gibraltar, Joe Hernandez. This gentleman was extremely rude to me and I strongly resent the manner in which he dealt with the affair. I hope that this gentleman does not afford this kind of authoritative attitude to any visiting athletes or officials as they would certainly be left with a bad impression of Gibraltar. I trust this was a misunderstanding on both our parts and therefore apologise if I caused any harm but I would be greatly appreciative of an apology ( as in the end it was the boys who missed on their photo taken on what was a great victory for basketball in Gibraltar.

It is this unfortunate experience, which has almost jeopardised the running of this site as such an uncomfortable situation is certainly not gratifying. I have however, received a lot of support from readers of and the number of returning visitors to the site certainly provide me with the encouragement that I am representing sport in Gibraltar in a way that is interesting and fair to all readers.

Round 9 17/02/2007

C.B. ALCALA - C.B. VILLA DE LOS BARRIOS - 17/02/2007 17:00
C. B. ALGECIRAS CEPSA PMD - CABU DE UBRIQUE "A" 49-56 17/02/2007 12:30
GABBA - PROMAGA ULB 45-43 17/02/2007 18:00

Standings after round 9:

1 C. B. ALGECIRAS CEPSA PMD 7 6 1 424 273 13 -1
2 CABU DE UBRIQUE "A" 6 6 0 393 218 12 +6
3 C.B. ALCALA 6 5 1 295 189 11 +3
4 PROMAGA ULB 9 2 7 324 502 11 -1
5 GABBA 9 1 8 274 475 10 +1
6 C.B. VILLA DE LOS BARRIOS 7 2 5 307 360 9 -2

Next Round 10 03/03/2007
C.B. VILLA DE LOS BARRIOS - GABBA - 03/03/2007 00:00
PROMAGA ULB - C. B. ALGECIRAS CEPSA - 03/03/2007 00:00
CABU DE UBRIQUE "A" - C.B. ALCALA - 03/03/2007 00:00

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