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Rhythmic Gymnastics: Barclays Bank donated the Gibraltar Association £3,500 at the weekend

The Gibraltar Rhythmic Gymnastic Association, was last Friday evening, presented with a cheque for £3,500, by Barclays Bank Gibraltar.

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Speaking to Richard Bear, the president of the GRGA, it was clear to see the importance that this very kind donation has to the whole organisation. asked Richard what the money would be used for:
"The money will be primarily used for covering the expenses of hosting events in Gibraltar as well as for the cost of visiting other association's both in Spain and further afield, we would very much like to thank Barclays for such a generous offer".

Two members of Barclay's senior management presented Richard with the cheque and were treated to a great display by most of the girls, within the association. The display consisted of various routines, firstly all the indivudual disciplines including ball and hoop, followed by the synchronised group display. was fortunate enough to be able to sit next to Richard whilst the girls carried out their routines in front of their proud sponsors. Richard's eagle eye for a good routine, was eagerly as proud to point out the significant improvement, which the girls have made over the last few years. Their success in Spanish competitions has not gone unnoticed, resulting in the GRGA being regularly invited to take part in Andalucian competitions and have even been invoted to a competition in Scotland.

The outstanding performance which the girls gifted their captive audience with, is testimony to their hard work and determination to succeed. The girls moved magestically and eloquently, with a pose and grace akin to those of a professional standard. Their hard training, which sees them practice up to six days a week, truly reflects the high standards achieved.

Their determination coupled with the fantastic mentoring provided by their extremely dedicated coach Sally Holmes has truly resulted in a winning formula. Not only for the girls and the sport in Gibraltar but for Gibraltar on the whole., would strongly encourage anyone to go down and view the girls' work for themselves. We have, however been able to provide you, with some small clips of the evening's displays, enjoy:
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