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Shooting: Welsh Small Bore Rifle Association in Gibraltar for training camp

The Welsh Small Bore Rifle Team, have recently returned to the U.K. after spending some time in Gibraltar.

David Phelps, one of the members of the squad, stated the reasons for their visit: "The Welsh smallbore rifle assocciation has been attending the Club in Gibraltar since 2005. We did most of our training there for the 2006 Commonwealth Games and have since been back there with our larger squad. Its a very good venue due to the light, climate and facilities available to us".

Their main contact in Gibraltar is Helouise Manasco, (bottom picture) the top Gibraltarian air rifle shooter, who also attended the Commonwealth Games in Australia, last year, where She did extremely well in the warm up competitions.

David also mentioned that "The range itself is at Europa point and is the furthest west part of Europe. The range has 18 firing points with Gehann type target changers, a good club house with the facilities one could want, including pool table".

"All in all we had a great time, got some really good quality training done and I think most of us achieved many goals we set out with. The weather may not have been the best for this camp but much better than back home (snow of all things) and did allow us to shoot in some trying conditions which we all coped well with.

On behalf of myself and the rest of the team I would like to thank all those who enabled this camp to take place. Special thanks to the Gibraltarian rifle club for the use of their facilities and to the members who came and opened up the range and made our visit very welcoming and friendly."

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  1. Anonymous said...

    It's great to see other countries continuing on the tradition of the shooting sport. Keepy it up!

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