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Football: This week's junior leagues results

Featured team of the week: Latino's Under 7. (Click to enlarge) Image courtesy of

Yet again the games on saturday were cancelled, so this Saturday 10th we will play the last games of the first round which are the games that were cancelled from the 13th jan.

Let's see if we can play this weekend!


Richard Manning

Junior Results wk 27th January

under7 Postponed due to bad weather

All games that were postoponed on Saturday were due to bad weather

Under9 Lions R&J Refrigeration 2 v 1 College Cosmos

Gib Utd JBS 4 v 2 Sotogrande FC

Glacis Utd 0 v 10 Gib Utd Form A Co

Lincoln Newcastle Rock p v p Manchester Utd Sts Over

St Josephs p v p Lions Toyota

Combined Services p v p Lincoln Newcastle White

Gib Utd RightStart p v p Lincoln Newcastle TGS

Under11 Lions Music Corner 2 v 4 St Josephs Wiltrans

Gib Utd JBS 0 v 13 Sotogrande FC

Lincoln Newcastle Black 3 v 2 Manchester Utd Garpon

St Josephs Bell Pharmacy p v p Lions PCA

Combined Services p v p Lincoln Newcastle White

Gib Utd Deloitte p v p Lincoln Newcastle Rock

Gib Utd Roller Pet Shop

Under13 Man Utd Trident Services 0 v 1 College Cosmos

Lincoln Newcastle Freshbake 2
v 1
Chelsea Java Oil

St Josephs haymills 2 v 2 Gib Utd Portman

Lincoln Newcastle 0 v 10
Lions Angling Centre

St Josephs Redwood

Under15 St Joseph's cine Bank 2 v 0 Glacis Utd

Chelsea SCG 0 v 3 Man Utd MBS

Chelsea Beacon Press 0 v 0
Glacis Ath

Under 7- League Standings

Team P W D L Pts
Lions Admiral Security 10 10 0 0 30
Manchester Utd 10 9 0 1 27
Sotogrande FC 10 8 0 2 24
Gib Utd Europort 10 7 0 3 21
Lincoln Newcastle Red 10 6 0 4 18
Lincoln Newcastle Latinos 10 4 1 5 13
Combined Services 10 4 0 6 12
Lincoln Newcastle White 10 4 0 6 12
Gib Utd Gib Vet Clinic 10 3 2 5 11
St Joseph's 10 1 2 7 5
College Cosmos 10 1 0 9 3
Lions FC 10 0 1 9 1

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