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Darts: GDA - 3rd Ranking Master Singles Results

The health of the sport of darts in Gibraltar is flourishing like never before with just the young guns progressing from the quarterfinal stages onwards.

After the recent PDC - Stan James championships held at the Central Hall, this 3rd ranking sure showed continued signs of the effort & practice put in by players (the 180’s is proof; a total of 24 thrown in just under 4 hours).

The two first upsets of the night came very early on with Dyson Parody defeating long standing champ George Federico, who this year is struggling to produce against some strong opposition and he must be surely hoping that the last remaining ranking will provide him great success as otherwise he will miss out on all the world class international events that the committee promised this year. The 2nd upset came in the 1st round when Justin Broton managed to beat Francis Taylor by a 3-2 deficit.

With one more ranking event remaining in the GDA calendar, the heat is very much on to see who will be the top 13 players to represent Gibraltar and most importantly in what events!

At the semi-final stage, in-form Danny Peach was just too strong for Justin Broton and he comfortably secured his place in the final. In the other semi, Henry Zapata faced a similar tough game against Dyson Parody but Henry Zapata held his nerve to secure his own place in the final.

It was an emotional evening for all involved, the final proved to be no different. Good clean finishing, 180’s thrown by each player and the utmost respect shown by the spectators and finalists alike.

After Danny took an early 2-0 lead, Henry managed to even the score 2-2. Like that it went for all the remaining legs and it boiled down to the last leg of the evening. At 5-5, Henry Zapata just managed to outscore Danny Peach to take the title and the 3rd Ranking event (Masters Singles) of the season.

Well done to the worthy winner – Henry Zapata.

Here are the quarterfinals to the final line-up:





Justin Broton (4)

Justin Broton (0)

Danny Peach (5)

Henry Zapata

Alan Kimberley (2)

Dylan Duo (-)

Danny Peach (5)

Dyson Parody (4)

George Ramos (2)

Henry Zapata (5)

Henry Zapata (6)

Henry Zapata (4)

Danny Peach (4)

Dyson Parody (1)

Adam Santos (-)

180’s thrown on the night

How many 180’s can a competition have? Well it was an impressive 24

4 x Henry Zapata, 3 x Danny Peach, 3 x Dyson Parody, 3 x Barry McLaren, 2 x Justin Broton, 2 x Dylan Duo, 1 x Justin Stagno, 1 x Alfred King, 1 x George Ramos, 1 x Amos Bosano, 1 x Alan Kimberley, 1 x Eric Segui, 1 x George Federico

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