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Football: College Cosmos lost by 3-0 against Glacis reserves tonight

Glacis reserves and College Cosmos, faced each other at the Victoria Stadium tonight. The two teams play in Gibraltar's second division, with College Cosmos rooted to the bottom of the table, whilst Glacis continue to maintain their middle table position.

The encounter was certainly exciting to watch as the ball was passed around with the speed and youthful agility, which both teams had an abundance of.

The first half was quite evenly contested but Glacis managed to pull ahead were then able to capitalise on their strong midfield players to further the lead and finish the half with a favourable 2-0 scoreline.

College Cosmos continued to battle hard in the second half. Their striker, number 9, who has made a recent comeback after several years of absence from footballing circles had a number of chances, which he was unable to convert.

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College Cosmos certainly had good an equal amount of possession and territory, however the number nine for Glacis, Joseph, continued to drive forward the Glacis attack, which culminated in him scoring a well placed shot in the bottom left of the College goal (click here to view the goal). It must be said that the keeper, is normally a defender who was only standing in for the absent keeper but was still able to make some good saves. The game endedlick her with a 3-0 victory to Glacis but both teams played admirably well and both played hard right to the end.

I was able to have a chat with College Cosmo's manager, Mario Prescott, provided with an insight into aspects of both the running of the team and the Gibraltar leagues.

College Cosmos have been existence for a number of years. They were originally founded by a lecturer at the College of FE, however over the years the link between the team and the College has dissapeared but the name remains.Mario, whose son plays for the team, took over as manager at the beginning of the season primarily due to the lack of qualified coaches available. The GFA's rules stipulate that a manager must be qualified, even if it is at junior level coaching. Mario, regularly trains with his side and even had to make an appearance on the field as one of his player, Mark Bacarese came of injured, with no substitutes available.

Cosmos continue to be a feeder club for the Premiership sides. Mario (pictured top right of 1st image) has seen a number of his players drop out of the league due to injuries and is barely able to field aside, despite there having been 35 players registered. This has meant that College Cosmos, essentially has 11 players to play in the third and second divisions. Despite the personnel problems Mario is keen to continue giving his young players the playing experience required to meet their footballing ambitions.

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