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Fishing: Images from a recent event held in Gibraltar

Highest Aggregate
Heaviest Fish
2nd Heaviest Fish
3rd Heaviest Fish

Few anglers in the United Kingdom, in fact few anywhere, would associate Gibraltar with quality sea fishing. It seems to have passed the world by that Gibraltar, positioned right at the head of the Straits of Gibraltar is the gateway to the whole Mediterranean and that this narrow channel that concentrates the tides is a huge fish holding area amassing large baitfish shoals that in turn attract the big predators. Interested in reading more about this great article on fishing in Gib? Click here

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Would be nice to know who the people are in the pics like who the winners are?

  2. SportGibraltar said...

    Dear Ernest,

    Would just like to mention that I have asked the person sending me the photographs the exact same question, with no reply.

    Will try to go through previous articles to see if I can find them for you.

    Hope this makes you happy.


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