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Darts: 4th ranking even, Joe Goldwin Classic

The last ranking event of the season is dedicated to the late Joe Goldwin who
founded the Gibraltar Darts Association over 50 years ago.

The Joe Goldwin Classic usually proves to be the most exciting and thrilling of all the 4 ranking events as even at this late stage there is still everything to play for.

After the quarter final stages most seeding positions where settled on who had qualified for which internationalcompetition but after
that it was all about who was going to claim which position in the seeding honours
table with a heavy emphasis on who was going to claim the No.1 spot in Gibraltar
(contested between: Dylan Duo, Francis Taylor, Henry Zapata & Dyson Parody).

Eric Segui, a well deserved finalist, who has been recently reaching peak form continued his run and in his route to the final beat strong players like previous ranking winners George Federico, Francis Taylor & Henry Zapata.

Dyson Parody, the other finalist, was keeping tabs on the No.1 spot and he knew that
to claim it, he needed to win it! In Dyson’s route to the final he had sweet revenge against young Danny Peach and a third win this year against Dylan Duo (no easy feat), which guaranteed his place in the final.

However the final was a relentless one-way affair in favour of Dyson Parody. Most games played where between 15 & 18 darts including a 13 & 14 darter by Dyson.

Eric was never far behind though and in one occasion deservedly won a leg.
The finals result was 6-1 to Dyson Parody making him this year’s winner of the last
ranking the “Joe Goldwin Classic” & rank No.1 in Gibraltar.

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