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Marathon Kayaker: Werner Stoltz who is kayaking from London to Durban via a lengthy stay in Gibraltar sets off tomorrow

After 4 very long months I can happily say that I am finally on my way again tomorrow. Yes it has been 4 months since my visa problems in Morocco, as frustratingly painful as it has been; it turned out to be 4 very important months in my life. Had I kept going I'm sure of it that I would have had many problems with equipment failure and visas. I will leave Gibraltar stronger, better equipped and much more patient. The kayak is now also equipped with and outrigger, the reason for this is to allow me to sleep on the sea and do longer spells on the water due to the problems I will be facing in some African countries.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who went out of their way to help me to get everything sorted so I can get back on the water. Special thank you to Clover Cargo,epic kayaks,Andre de Barr, Ettienne my brother, Willem Hart and Nigel Jefferies. Without their help and support this expedition would have been stranded. André de Barr, the owner of the Tunnel restaurant in Gibraltar helped me by giving me free meals every day while I was in Gib, he also let me stay on his boat in the marina and went even further by sponsoring me with a Satellite phone, credit and a desalinator .Thank you so much Andre and everyone els for the help.

We hope to get the video footage I took in Europe on the website soon. My Sat phone number and cell number will be on contact page. So feel free to send me a text or give me a call whenever you like. Also ,just a reminder for those who don?t know, I am raising money to open an Sports shelter for children infected and affected with HIV/AIDS and street children in South Africa. So please show your support by a small donation on the donations page or by offering your skills, ideas or prayers.With Dreams of the future

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