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Snooker/Billiards/Pool: 2007 Gibraltar Pool Association singles draw

With the GPA doubles competition coming to a close, this Tuesday sees the start of the GPA singles championship.

Competition is likely to be fierce with Julian McGrail looking to defend the title he won last year against Francis Becerra.

Matches to start at 8:30pm and are best of 5. Winners then go through to the next round the following week.

There will be a break between the 2nd and 3rd rounds as the national teams are again heading to the World Championships. Good Luck to all involved in both competitions.

Prelim. Round Best of 5 frames Date 20th March 2007

1 Ian McIntosh vs Christian Martinez Cueball
2 Matt Coles vs Paul McLeod Moorish Castle
3 Charlie Victor vs Val Trotter Three Owls
4 Karina Flood vs Harriet Seed Three Owls
5 Tiron Monteverde vs Charlie Bear Cueball
6 Guy Olivero vs Chris Hermida Moorish Castle
7 Peter Buttigieg vs Leslie Bruzon Hackney Carriage
8 Vicky Heggie vs Joe Cuadra Pig and Whistle
9 Emilio Luise vs Brian Montovio Hackney Carriage
10 Pat Cunnungham vs Ronnie Ignacio GSP
11 Karim Bruzon vs Anthony Caruana Pig and Whistle
12 Debbie Cunningham vs Wayne Mason Trafalgar
13 Kevyn Torres vs Paul Singleton GSP
14 Jamie Ferraris vs Francis Becerra Three Owls
15 Alfred Ferrer vs Sarah Taundry Trafalgar
16 William Lima vs Chris Mason Victoria Bar
17 Shaun Balban vs Alfred Santos Cueball
18 Padma Cara vs Sean Gallagan Cueball
19 Leila Gomez vs Albert Perez Anchor Bar
20 Dave Jarvis vs Francis Marin Subway
21 Louise Galliano vs Duncan Balban Cueball
22 Stephen Peach vs Karl Jones EFSA
23 Steven Olivares vs Julian McGrail Calpe Hounds
24 Alix Johnson vs Eric Hammond Cueball
25 Steve Blaney vs Kevin Hosken Cueball
26 Katie Doherty vs Roger Morello Cueball
27 Joe Pires vs Ernest Clinton Cueball
28 Gerry Brunt vs Michael Zammitt Anchor Bar
29 Craig Finch vs Nick O'Hanlon Cueball
30 Vince Nardone vs Gareth Lopez Cueball
31 Juan Antonio Tambrig vs Anthony Ferrer Firemans Social Club
32 Jimmy Bruzon vs Joe De La Rosa Subway
33 Dave Waite vs David Merry Lions
34 Jonathan Victory vs David Benady EFSA
35 Jesse Ignacio vs Allan Browne Splendid Bar
36 Liam Golt vs Karl Walsh Firemans Social Club
37 Neil Wilson vs Ivan Vinales Splendid Bar
38 Gary Chant vs Paul Dunham Cueball
39 Trevor Curtis vs Neil Hough Catalan Bay
40 Kieron Olivero vs Dylan Alvez Lions
41 Manuel Rodriguez vs Chris Amor Calpe Hounds
42 Tony Navarro vs Shaun Rumbado Catalan Bay
43 Mark Dixon vs Gerry Kelly Victoria Bar

1st Round Best of 5 Date 27th March 2007

1 Winner game 1 vs Winner game 2 Cueball
2 Winner game 3 vs Winner game 4 Three Owls
3 Winner game 5 vs Winner game 6 Cueball
4 Winner game 7 vs Winner game 8 GSP
5 Winner game 9 vs Winner game 10 GSP
6 Winner game 11 vs Winner game 12 Cueball
7 Winner game 13 vs Winner game 14 Three Owls
8 Winner game 15 vs Winner game 16 EFSA
9 Winner game 17 vs Winner game 18 Victoria Bar
10 Winner game 19 vs Winner game 20 Victoria Bar
11 Winner game 21 vs Winner game 22 Cueball
12 Winner game 23 vs Winner game 24 Pig and Whistle
13 Winner game 25 vs Winner game 26 Hackney Carriage
14 Winner game 27 vs Winner game 28 Hackney Carriage
15 Winner game 29 vs Winner game 30 Moorish Castle
16 Winner game 31 vs Winner game 32 Moorish Castle
17 Winner game 33 vs Winner game 34 EFSA
18 Winner game 35 vs Winner game 36 Firemans Social Club
19 Winner game 37 vs Winner game 38 Firemans Social Club
20 Winner game 39 vs Winner game 40 Calpe Hounds
21 Winner game 41 vs Winner game 42 Calpe Hounds
22 Winner game 43 vs Carl Robba Three Roses
23 Tye Olivero vs Andy Cameron Three Roses
24 Alfred Becerra vs Alison Balban Cueball
25 Jonathan Collado vs Jordan Mauro St Theresas
26 Hector Patterson vs Christian Durante Cueball
27 Lee Guerreiro vs Lee Borge Cueball
28 Gary Torres vs Mario Ramos St Theresas
29 Owen Torres vs Kevin Danino Cueball
30 Nolan Pincho vs Darren Joyce Three Owls
31 Francis Flores vs Timmy Milan Three Owls
32 Paul Cartright vs Dalton Martinez Pig and Whistle

Dates of other rounds:

2nd Round: 3rd April 2007 Qtr Final: 1st May 2007 Final: Presentation Night

3rd Round: 24th April 2007 Semi Final: 8th May 2007

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