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Hockey: News from Gibraltar

Youth Hockey Leagues
There were no junior league fixtures this past Monday due to bank holiday but we did have the normal training going on yesterday, Wednesday from 5 to 6.30pm. The under 9, under 12 & under 16’s youth leagues continue as from next Monday 19th March.

Eagle Ladies European Cup Winners Cup in Gibraltar
The Eagle Ladies (Pictured, click to enlarge)will be hosting and participating in the Cup Winners Cup in Gibraltar over the Easter weekend. See attached match schedules and picture of Eagle Ladies 2007 with logo of main sponsor.

GHA Under 18 – Athens , Greece : July 2007
As mentioned in previous press release the GHA Youth squad (18 & UNDER) will be travelling to Athens , Greece this coming July 2007. Below, match schedule for this tournament and above a photo of last years under 21 squad, eight of whom will travel to Greece this summer.

Pool A Pool B
1. Croatia 2. Ukraine
4. Bulgaria 3. Greece
5. Turkey 6. Slovakia
8. Denmark 7. Lithuania
9. Hungary 10. Gibraltar

Day 1 - Monday 9 July 2007
10.00 A Croatia v Hungary
12.00 A Bulgaria v Denmark
16.00 B Ukraine v Gibraltar
18.00 B Greece v Lithuania

Day 2 - Tuesday 10 July 2007

10.00 A Turkey v Croatia
12.00 A Denmark v Hungary
16.00 B Slovakia v Ukraine
18.00 B Lithuania v Gibraltar

Day 3 - Wednesday 11 July 2007
10.00 A Denmark v Turkey
12.00 A Hungary v Bulgaria
16.00 B Lithuania v Slovakia
18.00 B Gibraltar v Greece

Day 4 - Thursday 12 July 2007
10.00 A Hungary v Turkey
12.00 A Croatia v Bulgaria
16.00 B Gibraltar v Slovakia
18.00 B Ukraine v Greece

Day 5 - Friday 13 July 2007
10.00 A Denmark v Croatia
12.00 A Bulgaria v Turkey
16.00 B Lithuania v Ukraine
18.00 B Greece v Slovakia

Day 6 - Saturday 14 July 2007

Rest Day

Day 7 - Sunday 15 July 2007
08.00 5th Pool A v 4th Pool B
10.30 4th Pool A v 5th Pool B
13.00 3rd Pool A v 3rd Pool B
15.30 2nd Pool A v 1st Pool B
18.00 1st Pool A v 2nd Pool B

Note: The Match Schedule is subject to amendment at the discretion of EHF or the Tournament Director.

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