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Rowing: Calpe and Med Rowing clubs to be affected yet again by a reclamation project

Plans are afoot for a land reclamation project that will cover a seafront area in the harbour stretching from No.4 dock to the rowing clubs, in front of HMS Rooke.

The area is over 18,000 square metres and the government plans to use it for urban development.

The Calpe and Med rowing clubs will be provided with temporary facilities until their newly positioned facilities are made available.

The temporary facilities will be on Coaling Island in an area now occupied by Amco who will have to move out.

The reclamation and associated works related to it will take about 36 weeks, it will include dredging unwanted silts from the harbour, placing of a rock sea wall perimeter and surfacing of the new land.

The height of the reclamation land will be equal to the surrounding land.

About 14,000 tonnes of rock will be required for the sea wall which will be sourced from a quarry in Spain.

The design has considered key factors such as tides, sea level rise etc.

"The construction process has been designed to minimise disruption to adjacent neighbours, users of site and limit effects to wildlife and historic interest," the documents state.

Consultations have taken place with relevant organisations such as heritage and GONHS.

The historic No.4 graving dock, sandwiched between Rooke and the yacht club, will remain.

There will be a 40-metre channel from the dock to

the bay to maintain access for existing harbour users.

An environmental impact assessment will help determine the viability and desirability of going ahead with the reclamation plan.

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